Visit Sapa or Pu Luong Nature Reserve?
Sapa and Pu Luong are two appealing destinations in the North of Vietnam. As sharing many similar elements, these two attract hundred tourists. Let's see the difference between them.
Vietnamese Moon Festival - One of the Most Special Occasion in Vietnam
The Vietnamese moon festival is regarded as the festival of children in Vietnam (because children love it!). On this day, families assemble to pay their respects to their ancestors by baking and offering cakes, sweets, and fruits on a tray, and then feasting on the offerings while gazing at the full moon.
The 10 Best Mekong Food You Should Try
Southern cuisine is not all about Saigon. Let's go to the Southwest of Vietnam and discover top Mekong food that is a part of Mekong Delta culture.
Top 10 Delicious Vietnamese Dishes You Should Know
In recent years, the cuisine of Vietnam is becoming better known and appreciated by foodies for the diversity of choices and delicate tastes. Let's discover best Vietnamese dishes through this article.
A Comprehensive 14 day Vietnam Itinerary from South to North
Here are the best 14 day Vietnam itineraries from south to north. You will find the suitable 2 weeks in Vietnam for family, for couples and beloved friends through this article. Planning your trip across beautiful Vietnam is never easy as it is now.
Vietnam Transportation travel guide
How to move when traveling in Vietnam? This is a fairly common question on travel forums. There are many type of vehicles. We will list them and recommend the suitable ones for the transfer in Vietnam.
Vietnam trip: What to see? When to go? How to arrange itinerary?
You intend to visit Vietnam, a country rich in culture and nature with friendly and generous people. However, do you still not have a clear idea on how to organize your own trip to Vietnam? This article is just for you to give you a general view on must-see places in Vietnam: things to do and how many days it would take to visit each place, how much is the best time to visit it.
A Travel Guide to Visit Vietnam in October
An essential guide for you to visit Vietnam in October. We gives details on weather and climate, travel flow of tourist, travel cost. Travel expert shows you the places to visit and itineraries accordingly.
Four Michelin Star Restaurants in Vietnam 2023
Vietnam cuisine is proving its position on the world food map. These Michelin star restaurants in Vietnam are really like remarkable badges for people to know more about this enchanting country.
Vietnam E Visa Guide 2023 - Cost, Time, Procedure and Urgent Case
Vietnam E-visa helps to elevate the process of obtaining a visa to Vietnam. In this article, we will introduce step-by-step about the online visa system, who can and how to get it as well as the remarkable opportunities it opens up for travellers. It takes you 2 minutes reading to gain the most practical advice, then you can continue with Vietnam e visa with peace in mind.
Authentic Itinerary to Vietnam in 15 Days
Vietnam is now becoming a fascinating tourist destination for both those looking to see the sights, and those who want to not only travel but also live in a different culture. Let's discover an off-the-beaten-path itinerary to Vietnam in 15 Days with us.
10 Days in Vietnam - An Interesting Itinerary Idea
Each region of Vietnam has a distinct culture and weather. Find out how to plan your 10 days in Vietnam & to visit the best places from North to South of the country
A Travel Guide to Vietnam in December
Planning to spend these days with friends and relatives on adventures around Vietnam, you wonder how is Vietnam in December? Where to go in Vietnam in December? This article will help you to decide.
A Travel Guide to Visit Vietnam in November
Are you wondering about the most attractive tourist destinations of Vietnam in November? How about the weather then? You want to go to a new destination with your beloved ones, with friends to keep great memories and need more detailed practical information? Read on our article.
Top 10 Popular Vietnamese Breakfast Foods
Vietnam has a long list of delicious breakfast options to choose from. Bread or rice or noodle, vegan or meaty… you will definitely have your favorite one after reading our recommended Vietnamese breakfast below
Vietnam Underwater: Top 7 Spots for Diving in Vietnam
We'll show you the best places to dive in Vietnam and see the colorful sea life up close. Let’s get ready for an underwater adventure below!
Top 5 Places to Go Surfing in Vietnam
Surfing has become increasingly popular in Vietnam, and many beaches are now equipped with surfboards for rent or offer surfing courses. So, if you are looking for a place to surf in Vietnam, don't miss the article below about the best surfing spots in Vietnam.
Vietnam 5-day Itinerary: 5 Authentic Travel Plans
With just 5 days in Vietnam, these itineraries are tailored to help you make the most of your time to discover the awe-inspiring natural landscapes, idyllic beaches, vibrant cities, yummy street food and the charm of rural villages.
Is it Safe to Travel Vietnam in 2023 - 2024 ?
Amidst the allure of Vietnam in Southeast Asia, one question arises: Is it safe to travel to Vietnam? You may know about Vietnam through the vivid image of stunning natural landscapes and rich cultural heritages, but you still wonder if it is dangerous or not when you delve into a journey to a country you know just a little.
A Travel Guide about Vietnam Currency | Denomination, Cash Withdraw, Exchange Rate and Fun Facts
Planning a trip to Vietnam, you also need to know about Vietnamese currency. The most thoughtful idea about denomination, cash withdraw, exchange rate and fun facts about Vietnam money are shared in this article
The Ultimate Guide to Visit Vietnam in September
Choosing the best time to visit Vietnam is very confusing, and many people ask us “Is September a good time to visit Vietnam?” and “How is the weather in Vietnam in September?”. Through this article, we will give you the thorough answers.
The Top 10 Best Beaches in Vietnam
Vietnam is not only famous for culture tourism, discovery tourism, but also dreamy beaches with smooth sand, clear blue water and the diversified marine biology. What is more awesome than a few days off at the beach, before returning to the busy daily life.
Vietnam Manners - Dos and Don'ts in Vietnam
It is important to know a few things before leaving for a foreign country. In fact, when you travel, you learn many new things and discover a new culture. It is really great to know this, but there are rules of respect that it is important to keep in hand. Below, we have prepared a list of some do's and don'ts to know before visiting Vietnam.
The Best South Vietnam Trip Itinerary Ideas For First Time Visitors
South Vietnam is a rich land with many wonderful things for travellers to discover on their journey to Vietnam. Read this article to find out the best time, the best places to visit, and how to build an enjoyable South Vietnam itinerary !
1 Week in Vietnam: Your Perfect Travel Plan
Many people ask us What to see in Vietnam in 7 days? From the colonial streets to pristine beaches and majestic mountains, from idyllic rural villages and ethnic hill tribes to vibrant cities, Vietnam has lots of things awaiting you to discover.
Traveling to Vietnam with Kids : Things to Know, See and Do
Is travelling with kids in Vietnam safe? Are there any things to note? What is recommended to see and do? In this article about Vietnam holiday with family, you will find answers for your questions.
Explore Ideas for Vietnam Photography Tours
Are you passionate about photography and looking for new destinations for your trip to Southeast Asia this year? In this article, we make a list of the most fascinating destinations for your photography trip to Vietnam, especially if you love landscape and portrait photography trips.
UNESCO World Heritage sites in Southeast Asia Call 3 Names from Vietnam
In July 2023, the UK's Wanderlust Travel Magazine had selected 16 of the most impressive sites out of 41 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Southeast Asia, including wildlife parks, natural wonders, temples... Vietnam has 3 nominated heritages: Halong Bay (Quang Ninh), Hoi An Ancient Town (Quang Nam) and Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park (Quang Binh).
Top 10 Vietnam Honeymoon Resorts to Indulge in love
Vietnam, with its stunning landscapes, rich culture, and warm hospitality, offers an idyllic setting for an unforgettable honeymoon or anniversary experience. We will step into the mesmerising world of Vietnam honeymoon resorts.
Top Traditional Vietnam Festivals and Public Holidays in 2023 - 2024
Among countless Vietnamese traditional festivals, we have listed below a list of the biggest festivals in the country that maybe during your trip, you can occasionally encounter and experience them.
A Travel Guide to Visit Vietnam in June
Vietnam in June worth your visit for several reasons though it is not a high travel season for international tourists. Read on to have general idea about the weather, places to visit & travel tips.
The Complete Guide to Visit Vietnam in May
Weather-wise, in May, it generally supports for your journeys to visit both heritages & natural sightseeing. How about tourist flow and travel cost? Read on to see what places you can add on your travel route.
A Travel Guide to Visit Vietnam in April
Before travelling to Vietnam in April, take a close look to well prepare for your life time journey. You will have an idea about the places to visit in term of weather, travel cost and tourist flow.
The Ultimate Guide to Visit Vietnam in March
Prepare for your Vietnam trip in March at the best by knowing weather of Vietnam in March, places to visit, tourist flow and travel cost. Some interesting itineraries are recommended for your reviews.
The Ultimate Guide to Visit Vietnam in January
Many travelers ask is January a good time to visit Vietnam? Read on to how is the weather, travel cost and what to do in Vietnam in January.
A Travel Guide to Vietnam in February
You wish to visit Vietnam in February but still wondering about weather, travel cost and places to visit. We write down all information for your to travel in this month.
Vietnam Sleeper Train : Things to Know Before Your Journey
Night trains in Vietnam will be different from Western trains, so it is worthwhile to study this means of transportation well. The following guide to overnight trains in Vietnam will help you visualize and better prepare for your trip.
Best Time to Visit Vietnam
"When should I come to Vietnam?" is the question of most tourists who intend to visit this beautiful country. You already have a specific date, where should you go? Or do you like to go this and that destination, when is the best time to go?
A Thorough Guide to Find the Best Vietnam Travel Agency
How can you make the most of your Vietnam trip? The answer is that the Vietnam travel agency accompanying you has the expertise and seamless plans. In this article, besides giving you the general portrait of good travel agents for Vietnam trips, we will lead you through steps to find and contact a Vietnam travel agency.
How to Plan the Best North Vietnam Itinerary ?
For nature lovers, Northern Vietnam is where you can find the majestic mountains, ethnic hillside villages and vibrant culture. This North Vietnam travel guide will give you some ideas on the best time to visit, places to go in North Vietnam, what activities you can take.
7 Great Places to Visit in Vietnam for Foodies
Vietnam offers quite rich & diverse culinary experiments through country. With this article, we explore Top 7 places to visit in Vietnam to experience local culinary.
Vietnam Traditional Clothes : History and Use in Modern Society
Vietnam is a beautiful, very colorful, diverse country, full of interesting things to discover, including its beautiful traditional clothes. In this article we will introduce you to the traditional clothing of women and men in Vietnam.
The 7 Wonderful Vietnam Honeymoon Trip Ideas
Among many world travel destinations, Vietnam offers numerous opportunities to fulfil your dreams with its abundance of thrilling adventures and captivating experiences to savour. For those who are seeking an exceptional honeymoon idea, Vietnam is definitely a promising land.
Phu Quoc Airport | A Traveler's Comprehensive Guide
Phu Quoc International Airport (aviation code: PQC) is the official name of the largest and also closest airport to Phu Quoc, Vietnam. Visitors know about this airport via the short name of Phu Quoc airport. It is located 14km to the city centre (Duong Dong town) and is the single airport on Phu Quoc Island. 
Top 15 Reasons Why You Must Visit Vietnam Once in Your Lifetime
With countless advantages to develop tourism, Vietnam is confirming its position on the planet's tourism map. Things that make Vietnam become more and more fascinating for tourists? Let's find out the 15 reasons why Vietnam is a must-see destination for travel lovers.
The 15 Best Vietnam Tourist Places You Should Visit
Is this your first time in Vietnam and are you studying about our country? Recommend to you the list of the most 15 best tourist places in Vietnam and best things to see in each destination.
The Ultimate Guide to Visit Vietnam in July
Central Vietnam in July is considered the best part to visit. How about the other regions? If the weather, tourist flow in July support for your trip? In this article, we will provide you a thorough guide.
Top 7 Places for Kayaking in Vietnam
Explore the top places for kayaking in Vietnam. This is one of the most popular outdoor activities that can thrill you with the wild and refreshment.
Vietnam Famous Landmarks You Can't Miss
Seeing all the famous Vietnam landmarks will be challenging so we made a list of Vietnam famous landmarks you can not miss. Keep on reading to discover.
Exploring the Best of Central Vietnam Itinerary
This comprehensive guide takes you on a captivating journey through the region's most iconic destinations before giving you some suggested Central Vietnam itineraries
Vietnamese coffee - a Must Try for Food Lover
Are you a coffee lover? You cannot start your day full of the energy without this famous beverage. Welcome to Vietnam, a country with the world's huge coffee production, being the second largest producer, only following Brazil. Check out this article to make sure you don't miss any more interesting information about Vietnamese coffee!
Top 15 Vietnam Bridges that Become World Famous
With an interwoven river system from North to South, Vietnam has long possessed many unique and interesting bridges along with many historical values. Below, we take a look at The 15 most impressive bridges associated with the pride of the Vietnamese people.
The Basic Vietnamese Phrases for Easy Travel
Learning basic Vietnamese phrases brings you the great benefits in understanding well of our culture, tradition and in facilitating daily communications with local people.
Exploring Picturesque An Giang: Things to See and Do in Chau Doc and Long Xuyen
An Giang, one of the most well-known provinces in the Mekong River Delta, is an ideal tourist destination in southern Vietnam. Not only famous for its river system, the area wins travelers' hearts for its idyllic beauty, cultural diversity and colorful ethnic peoples. What to see and do in An Giang, specifically Long Xuyen and Chau Doc?
A Travel Guide to Visit Vietnam in August
Everything you need to know about Vietnam in August: how is the weather, tourist flow, cost of travel and places to go. We advice some best travel routes for your wonderful Vietnam trip.
10 Most Beautiful Natural Wonders in Vietnam
The famous travel website Lonely Planet has just selected the 10 most beautiful places from north to south of Vietnam to bring visitors the most interesting natural experiences.
Traditional Vietnamese Music : Genres and Instruments
Traditional Vietnamese music is a unique art form that has been passed down for centuries. In this article, we'll explore the different music genres as well as the instruments used to create it.
10 Must-see Cultural and Traditional Vietnamese Performances
Traditional Vietnamese performance is a great way to immerse yourselves in a totally interesting environment, which is a convergence of traditional music and dance. Within your valuable time, knowing which region of Vietnam is famous for what performances can help you not miss any interesting experience.
Vinh Moc Tunnels vs Cu Chi Tunnels : the Two Famous Historic Relic
The tunnel system is one of the things that shows Vietnam's historical value, will to fight and military strategy. Along of the country, there are many secret tunnels that show a heroic historical period of the country. In this article, we will discover the Cu Chi Tunnels and the Vinh Moc Tunnels, the most famous and typical tunnels in Vietnam.
When is the Best Time to Go to Vietnam? | Tips for Tourist
Finding out when is the best time to go to Vietnam through the detailed information about Vietnam weather & climate. Here are some useful tips.
Top Things to Do in Mekong Delta
Being expansive and rustic, Mekong Delta is a wetland formed with amazing tributaries of the river together flowing to the East Sea. In this article, we will introduce you to the best attractions to visit and top things to do in the Mekong Delta.
15 Best Things to Do in Vietnam Every Traveler Need to Know
Vietnam offers various experiences to tourists that help them get closer to the culture and fall in love a little more each day. In this article, we make a list of the top 15 Things to do in Vietnam for you to experience once you get to the country.
Vietnam and Cambodia Itinerary in 15 days
Vietnam and Cambodia are two Southeast Asian countries with a very different culture than Italy. In this article, we present a 15-day itinerary to Vietnam and Cambodia that is very popular with our customers. Read on to find out more.
The 10 Most Beautiful National Parks in Vietnam
Vietnam is not only known for beautiful beaches and bays ranked in the world's famous list, but also for the system of fascinating national parks. Recently, the website 'The Culture Trip' (England) selected the 10 Best National Parks in Vietnam. If you are a nature lover, don't miss this article to explode these highlights from North to South Vietnam.
The 10 Best Islands in Vietnam for Travellers
Mother nature favours Vietnam with countless beautiful landscapes including the best islands captivating thousands of tourists. Among more than 4,000 large and small islands, IZITOUR particularly chose the 10 best islands in Vietnam for travel enthusiasts who love to charge for some Vitamin Sea. This collection will be essential for you to plan your favourite Vietnam trip. Continue reading to discover.
The Unmissable Destinations for a 15 day Vietnam Discovery
Vietnam is becoming a safe and interesting destination for international visitors. Let's experience our 15 day classic schedule, explore the must-see attractions to have a panoramic view of the country Vietnamese people
Amazing Vietnam in the Spring
Let's see how beautiful Vietnam is in the spring through the colorful winning prize photos in the photo contest 2021.
The natural beauty of the Global Geoparks in Vietnam
In Vietnam, there are 3 places recognized by UNESCO as a Global Geopark. Not only having impressive natural beauty, these landmarks also attract domestic and foreign tourists by their unique traditional cultural identity.
Breathtaking beauty of Vietnam from aerial view
The tourist attractions from the hills to the city and down to the sea appear colorful through the bird's-eye view photos of Dang Van Hai.
Mekong Delta River from above
Nga Nam Floating Market, Can Tho Bridge, Chau Doc floating fish village are lively and colorful through the camera of the engineer who loves photography.
15 Best Ethnic Markets in North Vietnam
For those who want to explore the mountainous North of Vietnam, markets are the indispensable places to approach the culture in a more interesting and fascinating way. In this article, we present the top 15 most beautiful ethnic markets in North Vietnam.
4 luxury ethnic style resorts in the mountain of Vietnam
Nestled between the mountains and forests of the northern Vietnam, the resorts are designed with stilt houses, cob houses and views overlooking the lake or terraced fields.
5 Star luxury cruises in Vietnam
Listing 5 star luxury cruises which offer the experience of spending the night on Ha Long Bay, Lan Ha Bay or watching the sunset, enjoy romantic dinner in Nha Trang, Phu Quoc.
6 Vietnam resorts in the top of Asia
The American travel magazine put resorts in Ninh Van Bay, Da Nang, Can Tho, Phu Quoc... in the list of 25 leading resorts in Asia.
4 hot mineral spring resorts in Vietnam
Relaxing in the warm water of mineral springs among the forest, in the Japanese style houses or by the rice fields is an interesting experience in the cold season.
Vietnam opens border from 15 March 2022. Visa and health conditions
Vietnam opens the border and resume visa policy, sanitary conditions of entry to Vietnam
Vietnam re-opens the border 2022 ( Updated 16 Mar 2022)
This regularly updated article brings you the latest news on Vietnam's border reopening and the resumption of international flights to Vietnam.
Vietnam plans to open the borders for international tourists
The Government Office announced on November 2, 2021 the acceptance of Permanent Deputy Prime Minister Pham Binh Minh's proposal of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism on the plan to welcome international tourists to Vietnam.
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