Sin Suoi Ho Village - Where Tradition Meets Tranquility
Located in the middle of the photography paradise of O Quy Ho Pass (one of the great four passes in the north of Vietnam) and surrounded by Muong Than rice fields, Sin Suoi Ho Village of the Mong people is considered an interesting destination with the title "green tourist village in the land of Lai Chau"
6 BEST Lai Chau Foods
The cuisine is an indispensable part of every trip, and for your trip to Northwestern Vietnam, Izitour introduces you to 6 typical and delicious Lai Chau foods in Vietnam.
Muong Than Rice Field - A Peaceful Safe Haven In Lai Chau
Muong Than is one of the four largest and flattest fields in the Northwest, and one of the most beautiful rice fields in Vietnam, beside the famous rice fields of Mu Cang Chai, Pu Luong, Hoang Su Phi, Bac Son, and Mai Chau.
10 Must-visit Destinations In Lai Chau
Lai Chau is the land of Vietnam's beautiful and majestic mountains, and home to more than 20 ethnic minorities. Traveling to Lai Chau, you will have the opportunity to explore the famous passes, the vastness of nature, and the majesty of mountain peaks. In this article, we discover the 10 most fascinating destinations in Lai Chau!
O Quy Ho Pass - The King In The Northwest Vietnam
O Quy Ho Pass, one of the four great passes in North Vietnam, is not only an exciting challenge for travelers but also a beautiful destination for tourists. Due to the overwhelming natural image of the Northwestern sky, O Quy Ho is definitely the ideal spot for photographers.
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