Ha Giang Loop Vietnam : A Scenic Route Not to Be Missed
Ha Giang Loops, also known as Happiness Road, follows QL4C, starting from the Gac Di bridge of Ha Giang City and passing through 4 highland districts including Quan Ba, Yen Minh, Dong Van and Meo Vac
Top Hotels in Ha Giang - Where to Stay for the Best Experience
Explore the top hotels in Ha Giang, the highland hidden gem of Vietnam. From luxurious resorts, and natural retreats to the best hotels, all in this article.
Top Homestays in Ha Giang - Truly Home Away from Home Spots
Discover top homestays in Ha Giang, Vietnam. From traditional houses to eco-friendly lodges, find the perfect homestay for your adventure in Ha Giang.
Thong Nguyen Hoang Su Phi
Thong Nguyen is one of 23 communes in Hoang Su Phi that is blessed with charming natural scenery of endless mountains. For hundreds of years, people have built vast terraced fields for farming and growing crops, which played an important role in attracting tourists to visit Thong Nguyen.
Best Time to Do Ha Giang Loop and Explore Its Attractions
Find out the best time to do the Ha Giang Loop, also a helpful list of packing list for your best experience.
Nam Hong Village - Amidst the Beautiful Nature of Ha Giang
When mentioning Ha Giang, we often think of Quan Ba ​​Heaven Gate, Nho Que River, or Meo Vac, but it also "hides" a secret place whose beauty in the ripe rice season is not inferior to any other place in Vietnam. That place is Nam Hong Village.
12 Best Ha Giang Foods
In addition to the majestic and romantic landscape, Ha Giang is also very famous for its traditional dishes. These Ha Giang Foods are considered the typical foods of the Northern region that every tourist must try.
Tu San Canyon - A Magnificent Scenery in Ha Giang
Being acclaimed as the deepest canyon in Southeast Asia, Tu San Abyss Alley or Tu San Canyon, with its emerald green water, brings a sense of relaxation to every visitor.
Meo Vac Ha Giang - Complete Travel Guide
If you're planning a trip to Meo Vac Ha Giang, don't forget to read this travel guide before you start your visit.
The Best Things about Na Thac, Khuoi My, and Lung Vai villages in Ha Giang
Na Thac, Khuoi My, Lung Vai are 3 villages in the high mountain area of ​​the commune of Phuong Do, about ten kilometers from the city of Ha Giang. They are the residence of the Dzao ethnic group in Ha Giang.
Top 16 Must-do Activities in Ha Giang
Discover things to do in Ha Giang where is well-known for its breathtaking limestone mountains, formidable mountain passes, winding roads, and mist-shrouded villages.
Tay Con Linh Mountain - the Roof of the Northeastern Vietnam
Whoever travels to Ha Giang, the land at the northern extreme point of Vietnam, is often introduced to the highest mountain in northeast Vietnam at the height of 2,428m. It is the summit of Tay Con Linh mountain, the peak that just a few adventure enthusiasts dream about.
Sung La Valley - The Flower Amidst Dong Van Karst Plateau
Renowned for its flower-filled gardens, the Sung La Valley, regarded as a brilliant flower garden in the middle of the karst plateau, always attracts visitors by its very idyllic and rustic beauty.
Discover the Life of Lo Lo Ethnic Group in Dong Van - Ha Giang
Although coexisting with other ethnic groups in Ha Giang, the Lo Lo ethnic group still retains its long-standing traditional culture.
Pho Bang Town - The Ancient Town in the Northeast Mountain of Vietnam
Pho Bang town has not changed much since its being born. The town is still a simple and peaceful town, promising you many moments of relaxation.
Ma Pi Leng Pass - one of the four great passes of Vietnam
Ma Pi Leng pass is regarded as one of the "Four Great Passes of Vietnam", along with O Quy Ho pass, Khau Pha pass and Pha Din pass. Not only famous for its grand scenery, Ma Pi Leng is also renowned as a pass built entirely by human power.
The Serenity of Tha Village in Ha Giang
As the residence of the Tay ethnic minority, Tha village offers tranquillity and silence with rustic houses on stilts looming over rice paddies and verdant palm hills.
The 7 Ethnic Minority Groups in Ha Giang
Learn some interesting information about some Ha Giang ethnic minority groups that tourists will have the opportunity to meet and greet in the northern end of Vietnam.
The Mysterious Hmong King Palace in Ha Giang
Hmong Kings’ Palace also known as Dinh Vua Meo is a grand construction built in the late 19th century with distinctive architecture that combines many cultures and mysterious stories concerning. Explore with us the impressive beauty in the Hmong Kings’ Palace to know why it becomes a special tourist destination.
Exploring Dong Van Ancient Town in the Heart of the Karst Plateau
Dong Van Ancient Town is a famous attraction in Ha Giang province, Vietnam. It has a nostalgic but vibrant atmosphere that you can find in any ancient towns, however, because of the local culture and location, you will find some distinct features when being in this old town.
Quan Ba Heaven Gate : a Famous Scenic Spot of Ha Giang
The Quan Ba Heaven Gate is one of the five most famous Heaven's Gates in Vietnam in addition to the Anh Giang Heaven Gate (Cao Bang), O Quy Ho Heaven Gate (Sapa), Linh Quy Phap An Heaven Gate (Da Lat), Nghinh Phong Heaven Gate (Vung Tau). Located at the entrance to the Dong Van karst plateau, Quan Ba is a must-see destination when arriving in Ha Giang.
The Unique Khau Vai Love Market Happens Only Once Every Year
On the karst plateau of Ha Giang, there is a very special and beautiful market to visit where trading, selling, buying are not the main activity. It is the Khau Vai Love Market, also known as the Phong Luu Market, dating back more than 100 years
The Charm of Hoang Su Phi's People and Terraced Field
Hoang Su Phi has been for a long time a favourite destination for photographers. Two photographers Viet Bac and Le Tho together wandered around the streets of Hoang Su Phi district, Ha Giang and captured the wonderful moments.
Chieu Lau Thi - The beautiful pristine forest in the Northeast
Those who love to explore the mountains and forests in the Northeast of our country, if they have not set foot on Tay Con Linh, Hoang Su Phi, Ha Giang, it is really a pity.
Colorful life in the mountain of Vietnam
Life in the mountainous area in the northern Vietnam is so colorful, it attracts many tourists as well as photographers. Let's admire the photos about this beautiful land.
Travelling to Ha Giang - Admire Nho Que river
Beautiful scenery as getting lost in a movie. Nho Que river valley is considered one of the deepest canyons in Southeast Asia, one of the cliffs with unique geological tectonics in Vietnam.
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