Terms and conditions


1.1. How to make a reservation: All bookings are to be made at the head office of IZITOUR COMPANY LIMITED by email. Upon confirmation of the service, an invoice will be issued to the clients/Agency by IZITOUR CO., LTD and will be sent to the clients by email or fax.

1.2. Deposit: Upon confirmation of the trip, a deposit of 30% of the total amount is required to secure the booking. The deposit may be made either via bank transfer (referred to in 2.2 of Article 2) or by credit card. Payment online via the internet (mentioned in article 2.4, paragraph 2.4)

1.3. Balance of the trip: the balance is settled 45 days before the trip. Due time for balance is before the tour starts. Otherwise, IZITOUR CO., LTD reserves the right to cancel the trip and to retain all the deposit made by clients/Agency.

In case of other negotiations due to the force majeure, IZITOUR could refund a part or all the amount of deposit.


2.1. Online payment via INTERNET: Clients can pay by cards via our ONEPAY secured online payment SSL. IZITOUR accepts online payments with Visa, MasterCard, Amex and JCB card. After receiving your confirmation, IZITOUR will send you by email an “invoice for online payment” where you will follow the instructions by clicking on the link. If you do not receive any confirmation of the payment gateway transaction from us after filling your card details, please do not try to redo the transaction. Contact us for confirmation of the bank transaction and the payment order.

2.2. Cash accepted: IZITOUR accepts: Euros, USD, VND. The exchange rate is based on our bank VIETCOMBANK in Vietnam on the payment date. (www.vietcombank.com.vn)

2.3.Bank transfer: Clients can pay by bank transfer, bank fees will be paid by the client. In this case, clients transfer to the following account:

Name of beneficiary: IZITOUR COMPANY LIMITED 

Address of beneficiary: R502, TANG 5, YEN PHU, NGUYEN TRUNG TRUC, BA DINH, HANOI

Account USD: 

Account EUR: 

Name of bank: Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam, branch Bac Ha Noi Bank 

Address: 198 Tran Quang Khai, Hoan Kiem, Ha Noi 

Swift code: B F T V V N V X 094

NOTE: No IBAN code in Vietnam

2.4. Payment by credit cards via a POS machine.

Payment via POS machine is only possible for the settlement of the balance on arrival. IZITOUR accepts the following cards: Visa, MasterCard, Amex card, JCB, Diners club. Payment is made at the office of IZITOUR in Hanoi. Note: Payment by credit card only accepts VND. Other foreign currencies must be converted into VND according to the exchange rate of the payment date.


3.1. Cancellation by Client:

a) In case of cancellation for whatever reason, the client must immediately notify us, either via email or registered letter. Clients agree to pay the penalties according to the time when the request for cancellation reaches IZITOUR:

- 45 days before the trip :          No Charge

- 44 – 31 days before the trip :  5% total price of the trip

- 30 – 21 days before the trip :  15% total price of the trip

- 20 – 11 days before the trip :  30% total price of the trip

- 10 – 7 days before the trip :    50% total price of the trip

- 6 – 2 days before the trip :      75% total price of the trip

- 1 – 0 day before the trip :       100% total price of the trip

These fees are used to cover the penalties caused by cancellations of various services (flights, accommodation, train…)

b) A Postponed trip is not subject to penalties, but entails the cancellation costs to clients.

c) This rule is applied to all services reserved by clients to IZITOUR. The refund will be made by bank transfer and the client must pay all the bank fees.

d) In case of impediment, the clients can nominate a person who will participate in the trip under the same conditions. This person will stand surely for the price of the trip and the service providers involved in his/her journey (hotels, airlines, railways…) accept this change.

e) In case of cancellation by clients for the reasons of force majeure (illness, death, accidents, natural disaster…) we will do everything possible in the negotiation with providers (hotels, transfers, flights, train…) in order to minimize the cancellation fees. In this case, IZITOUR will reimburse you all that remains. As a travel agency with a human dimension, we understand that cancellation of the trip is already a mental loss for clients.

3.2. Cancellation by IZITOUR CO., LTD:

The contract provided by IZITOUR may be canceled by us in case of force majeure. These are external, unpredictable, unavoidable and unforeseeable events that prevent IZITOUR from carrying out the journey such as war or threat of war, natural disaster, fire and any terrorist activity, weather, epidemic or anything similar. In case of cancellation by IZITOUR, clients will receive a full refund of the trip. During an interruption, IZITOUR will reimburse the client for unused services. Claims for damage are excluded.


4.1. Modification by client:

a) Clients can request to modify their trip anytime with payment to IZITOUR of the costs possibly generated by its modification. IZITOUR is obliged to respond to the modification request with the utmost diligence within the limit of the availability of required services.

b) The Postponement of arrival date is considered as a modification. Reducing the number of participants is not considered a change. The cancellation policy will be applied for those who unsubscribe as well as a re-quote of the rate for the remaining participants.

4.2. Modification by IZITOUR:

IZITOUR reserves the right to modify the services included in the definitive travel program in the following cases:

a) The modification is justified following an event of force majeure (as mentioned in section 4.2). In this case, the change may result in additional charges to the clients or a refund from IZITOUR.

b) The change is essential to ensure the clients’ safety and/or the quality of the trip. In these cases, any additional costs occurred will be charged by IZITOUR.


IZITOUR does not reimburse the services included in the program which are not used by clients. However, if the trip is interrupted for any reasons related to the health of clients, IZITOUR is committed to doing its best to obtain a partial or total refund of canceled services from service providers.


6.1. Before the trip, it is the clients’ responsibility to ensure that they meet the requirements in terms of:

- Passport: (validity of 6 months after return, at least 2 blank pages, children, etc.)

- Physical condition, vaccinations, preventive treatments…

- Visas (required for Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar)

IZITOUR could assist clients in the process of obtaining a Vietnam visa (on request)

6.2. Insurance: Anyone who participates in a trip organized by IZITOUR must subscribe to an international travel insurance covering at least medical expenses and repatriation.

This insurance is in the principle offered by the ticket agencies to the clients during the purchase of international air tickets. The insurer’s contact information and the clients’ insurance policy number must be sent to IZITOUR before the trip.

6.3. During the trip, clients must respect the rules announced by the tour guide or by any other agent of IZITOUR. These are rules to ensure clients’ safety and the quality of the travel program.

6.4. Assistance: IZITOUR undertakes to provide all necessary on-site and useful assistance to the clients in the event of an incident covered by the insurance and in particular to assist the clients in completing administrative formalities with local authorities and the insurer.


7.1. IZITOUR undertakes to provide all the services agreed with the latter and included in the travel program.

7.2. Clients are responsible for all actions: Any activity that does not fall within the scope of the travel program or any violation of the law of the host country will not be the responsibility of IZITOUR.

7.3. IZITOUR is responsible to clients as an intermediary between the latter and the various service providers (Airlines, hotels, restaurants, boats…) and must ensure a certain quality of services. However, IZITOUR should not be confused with these various providers who in any case retain their own responsibility.

7.4. IZITOUR is not responsible of any force majeure.


If the services do not correspond to the description in the program or if there is a major defect, clients are obliged to contact without any delay to our local guide, service providers or our correspondences whose contracts are given in the travel documents and ask them to fix the problem.

If the intervention does not provide a solution, clients must require a written document from the tour guide or service provider, confirming the content of the claim. The claim or, if applicable, the claim for damages must be sent in writing no later than 21 days after the end of the trip.


If no amicable solution is found, the “International Arbitration Center of Vietnam” under the” Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vietnam” will have sole jurisdiction to settle the dispute. The contractual relationship between clients and IZITOUR is subject to Vietnamese law.

According to the Vietnam tourism act of 2001, all tourism companies, including IZITOUR, must deposit a mandatory payment of 250 000 000 VND (equivalent 12 000 USD) to Vietnam National Bank. This capital is not usable by IZITOUR and is used to directly refund clients in case we do not respect the contract and lose the lawsuit.

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