Dong Ba Market - the Most Famous Market in Hue Vietnam
Dong Ba Market is the most famous market in Hue, Vietnam. Any travellers to Hue plan their itinerary to visit Dong Ba market at least once. In this article, we will introduce to you the most essential information about this bustling market.
The Best Travel Guide for Hue Itinerary
If you're thinking about adding Hue to your Vietnam itinerary, check out this article for helpful trip planning tips and know how many days to spend in Hue
Top Things to Do in Hue Vietnam 2024
Hue, the ancient capital of Vietnam under the Nguyen dynasty, today shows a glorious time with many cultural and historical relics. Discover the top things to do in Hue, Vietnam.
Truong Tien Bridge - The Beauty of the First Steel Bridge in Vietnam
The Truong Tien Bridge crossing over the Perfume River is a symbol of Hue city. This place is a historical testimony to heroic battles, bombs and bullets but still stands till this day.
Lang Co Bay - World's Top 30 Most Beautiful Bays
Lang Co Bay is one of the famous landscapes and tourist sites in Thua Thien Hue Province, claimed by King Khai Dinh as a fairyland.
Thuan An Beach, Hue - All You Need to Know
Thuan An Beach, located in Thuan An town, is one of the most beautiful white-sand beaches in Hue. Thuan An Beach is known for its wild beauty with its white smooth sandy beach and crystal blue water.
Bach Ma National Park - Best Places to Visit
Bach Ma National Park is known as heaven on earth for those who love to explore nature. This place is not only famous for its rare ecosystem but also for its extremely fascinating natural beauty.
Perfume River and Typical Bridges in Hue Vietnam
The Perfume River is a great river that flows through the heart of Hue city, famous for its poetic and lyrical beauty. It is not merely the source of water but also the pride of the ancient capital.
Truc Lam Bach Ma Zen Monastery - A Famous Buddhist Temple in Hue
The Truc Lam Bach Ma Zen Monastery, located in Hue Vietnam, is a place where visitors can comfortably admire the ancient features of Buddhist construction
An Hien Garden House - a Peaceful Lyrical Place in Hue
Located right next to the romantic Perfume River, the ancient An Hien garden house was built in typical Hue architectural style with so much cultural value in Hue.
Vong Canh Hill - A Dreamy Viewpoint of Hue
Vong Canh Hill is the perfect beauty combining the natural scenery and poetic atmosphere of Hue. This place brings a feeling of freshness in every breath, peace with river landscape and extremely romantic.
Hue Beaches : 08 Picture-Perfect Gems to Explore
Hue is renowned for its most stunning beaches in Central Vietnam. However, it is surprising that not everyone is aware of the eight stunning destinations.
Hon Chen Temple - an Important Spiritual Site in the Life of Hue People
Hon Chen Temple is a sacred place that has an important position in the spiritual life of the Hue people. This is also the only temple in Hue that features a harmonious and unique combination of royal rites and folk beliefs.
Discover the beauty of Hai Van Pass on your journey from Da Nang to Hue
The Hai Van Pass is a spectacular landscape located between Hue and Da Nang provinces. With its scenic mountain-like terrain and breathtaking views, it's rightfully called 'the most majestic landscape in the country'. Admiring the beauty of this mountain-like cloud-viewing destination is on many tourists’ bucket list.
Thien Mu Pagoda - The Most Ancient Bhuddhist Temple in Hue
One of the oldest Buddhist temples in Vietnam is probably the Thien Mu Pagoda. This is also the only Vietnamese Buddhist temple appearing in the list of Top Asia's Most Beautiful Temples voted by Lonely Planet.
Tomb of King Thieu Tri - An Impressive Beauty in Hue
Thieu Tri's tomb, also called Xuong Lang, is a well-known burial place in the Hue ancient capital. On 11 December 1993, Thieu Tri's tomb was honoured to be recognised by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage site.
Khai Dinh's Tomb - the Unique Architecture with Sophisticated Mosaic Art
Khai Dinh's tomb, also known as Ung Lang, stands out in the historic city of Hue as a significant part of the Hue mausoleum complex.
The Mausoleum of Emperor Tu Duc - the Most Beautiful Mausoleum in Hue
Mausoleum of emperor Tu Duc is considered one of the four most beautiful mausoleums in Hue, the old capital. It was recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1993
The Serene Lakeside Royal Tomb of Minh Mang - The Second King of Nguyen Dynasty
Discover the history of King Minh Mang's tomb located on the banks of the Perfume River. Its architecture is impressive and majestic, which reveal many historical story about one of the most important dynasties in Vietnam
Tomb of King Gia Long - the First King of Nguyen Dynasty
Located about 20km west of Hue Citadel, Gia Long's Tomb is a relic of the Complex of Hue Monuments which was recognized by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage on December 11th, 1993. The Gia Long Tomb or Thien Tho Lang Mausoleum, is the tomb of King Gia Long (1762-1820), the founding king of the Nguyen Dynasty.
The Ancient Beauty of Hue Imperial City
Hue city is known for its serene and beautiful landscapes and the hospitable local people. A must-visit in Hue are the mausoleums built during the Nguyen Dynasty. Travelers also cannot miss Hue Imperial City.
Bao Vinh Ancient Town - A Nostalgic Space in Hue City
Bao Vinh Ancient Town was a bustling trading port in Central Vietnam 200 years ago, marking a golden age of the Hue ancient capital. This place is currently highlighted with mossy roofed houses which endure ups and downs in history among the modern houses.
Thuy Xuan Incense Village - The Scent of Hue Ancient Culture
Discover the Thuy Xuan Incense Village, a hidden gem in Vietnam with a rich history and cultural significance. This article will take you on a journey exploring this historical spot.
Best Food in Hue : Exploring the Rich Flavorful Delights of Central Vietnam
Hue dishes have been associated with the customs of local residents for generations, clearly expressing cultural, historical and artistic values, and possessing a very unique taste. They have become a trademark for Vietnamese gastronomy. Let’s discover the best food in Hue, which are typical and not to be missed.
Best Time to Visit Hue Vietnam
Discover the best time to visit Hue (Vietnam) with our guide. From weather to cultural events, we'll help you plan your trip at the perfect time of year.
Best Restaurants in Hue to Enjoy Vietnamese Culinary Quintessence
The right way to taste the uniqueness of Hue cuisine is to try it all. These best restaurants in Hue are going to tell you a lot about the citadel of Vietnam.
Tourist Attractions in Hue - Best Places to Visit
There are dozen of attractions in Hue, where you can spend at least 2 days. Here Izitour list for you the best places to visit in Hue - the Imperial City
Tam Giang - The largest brackish water lagoon in Southeast Asia
With about 22,000 hectares of water surface area, Tam Giang - Cau Hai is known as the largest coastal lagoon ecosystem in Southeast Asia, bringing itself a wild, quiet and peaceful character that makes anyone coming here feel surprising.
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