Hoi An is a historic town located on the central coast of Vietnam, in the Quang Nam province. It was once a busy port city that played an important role in Vietnam's maritime trade during the 16th and 17th centuries. Today, it is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its well-preserved ancient architecture, cultural heritage, and beautiful natural scenery.

Geographical location
Hoi An is situated approximately 30km south of Da Nang city and 60km northeast of Tam Ky city. The distance to Hue Imperial City is about 122km. It borders the East sea to the east, Dien Ban town to the west, Duy Xuyen district to the south. The city is located on the banks of the Thu Bon River, which flows into the South China Sea, making it a popular destination for tourists looking to explore the beaches and nearby islands.

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Hoi An
The Best Restaurants in Hoi An for Foodies
A complete guide on the best restaurants in Hoi An, an ancient town located in central Vietnam. Don't miss those places which will satisfy your taste buds.
Best Things to Do in Hoi An with Kids 2024
Explore the activities and attractions in Hoi An that are perfect for a family vacation. Here's a complete list of the top things to do in Hoi An with kids.
Hoi An Night Market | The Best Place to Visit By Nightfall
When the sun disappears below the horizon, the nightlife of Hoi An puts on a mysterious yet charming look; it is also the time when Hoi An night markets light up. Hoi An Night Market is the main factor that creates the nightfall beauty of Hoi An and is a popular spot for photography.
4 Typical Hoi An Craft Villages to Visit
Hoi An Ancient Town, or Hoi An, has long been an attraction that visitors must not miss when traveling to Vietnam. The old city lives quite up to its name of an ancient town as its reputation is still attached to the traditional foods, time-tinged architecture, and of course, the famous Hoi An craft villages.
Hoi An Tailoring: A Special Service At Lightning Speed!
Coming to Hoi An, in addition to contemplating the old architecture or the rich culture of the old town, visitors can also experience the unique service of Hoi An - Hoi An tailoring. Tailoring in Hoi An is different from tailoring services in other places in that it is very fast. The service is so popular that the term “Hoi An tailoring in just 1 day” - sometimes less - has become one of the trending keywords related to Hoi An City.
Where to Find The Best Banh Mi in Hoi An - Vietnam for Foodies
Banh mi Hoi An is so unique in the well-combined, tastiest flavors of Vietnam. You don't want to miss the best banh mi in Hoi An in this article!
Top 10 Best Hoi An Foods With Full Price - Yum Yum!
Hoi An is not only famous for its ancient architecture, streets full of lanterns, and rich cultural treasures but also for its diverse collection of Hoi An foods.
Kim Bong Carpentry Village - Hoi An Cultural Travel Guide 2024
Kim Bong Carpentry Village, Kim Bong Craft Village, or, Kim Bong Village is among Hoi An craft villages that have the richest heritage. Kim Bong is a small village located on the right bank of the Thu Bon River, opposite Hoi An ancient town; to this day, Kim Bong village has existed for 600 years and is also the birthplace of the most traditional carpentry craft in Hoi An.
Japanese Covered Bridge - the Famous Bridge in Hoi An
Japanese Covered Bridge is really the most valuable architectural-cultural heritage. Let's have a look at this famous bridge in Hoi An.
11 Must Visit Hoi An Temples and Pagodas
Hoi An Vietnam is the most famous destination in the Quang Nam area. Besides all the delicious foods, must-try activities, or magnificent nightlife views,  visiting Hoi An pagodas is another category that must be listed to complete any tourist's Hoi An itinerary. These pagodas are all meticulously designed, have very high historical value, and still retain their spiritual and religious values ​​to this day.
5 Hoi An Museums for Heritage and Culture Trips
Hoi An Museums is the only place where tourists can see the history and culture of Hoi An in black and white. Among many museums in Hoi An, both modern and traditional, we have filtered out the 5 biggest museums safeguarding the largest selection of Hoi An historical evidence
10 Best Places to Stay in Hoi An Old Town
Visitors will feel the vibe of this old town somehow similar to the simplicity in personality and good nature of local people. To enjoy every moment in this charming ancient town, find out about Hoi An's best places to stay in this article.
Discover The 3 Best Golf Courses in Hoi An 2023 - 2024
The best golf courses Hoi An that meets the international standards and is the epitome of class and modernity in Central Vietnam.
Hoi An Snorkeling and Scuba Diving - Explore the Underwater World
Unveil the secrets of the underwater world of marine life and beautiful coral reefs through a Hoi An snorkeling and scuba diving journey at Cu Lao Cham island.
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Discover the vibrant Hoi An nightlife with our complete guide. Experience the unique blend of traditional and modern entertainment options in Central Vietnam.
Vinpearl Golf Nam Hoi An Where to Experience a Classy Golf Holiday
Vinpearl Golf Nam Hoi An is one of the best golf course Hoi An reaching international standards in Central Vietnam.
Montgomerie Links Golf Club Vietnam - A Challenging Golf Scene
Do not miss the opportunity to experience the golf course at Montgomerie Links Golf Club Vietnam - the best Par 5 golf course in Vietnam.
Enjoy Golf's Masterpiece at Hoiana Shores Golf Club
With a perfect combination of natural beauty and international quality, Hoiana Shores Golf Club is an ideal meeting place for golf lovers.
Best Time to Visit Hoi An : Weather, Festivals and Travel Seasons
Discover the best time to visit Hoi An with our comprehensive guide. Whether you're a history buff or a relaxing seeker, you can have maximum experience with our guide.
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Hoi An Full Moon Festival takes place monthly with various fascinating cultural and artistic activities that locals will tell you in detail in this article
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The Best Travel Guide to Build a Complete Hoi An Itinerary
If you ask on any forum or page if what are the most livable cities in Vietnam, you will get many answers. It might be Hanoi or Nha Trang or Sai Gon, but the list cannot miss Hoi An. So, how to plan a trip to Hoi An? Read our suggestions for a complete idea to fully discover this cute city.
What to Know About Basket Boat Ride in Hoi An, Vietnam
Riding on a basket boat in Hoi An and explore the beauty of Bay Mau Coconut Village. Read on to learn more about this must-do activity for adventure seekers.
The 10 Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Hoi An town
It is difficult for some travelers to know where to eat when on a special diet. When traveling, it is always a very important question, where do we eat? To help you, we have listed some best vegetarian restaurants in Hoi An, to make your stay easier during your trip to Vietnam.
11 Best Things to Do in Hoi An, Vietnam : a Local’s Guide for Truly Memorable Experiences
Explore the best things to do in Hoi An with locals recommendations. From bike tours to tailoring services, this guide will help you plan your visit perfectly.
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