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Vietnam Currency and Money Guide
Planning a trip to Vietnam, you also need to know about Vietnamese currency. The most thoughtful idea about denomination, cash withdraw, exchange rate and fun facts about Vietnam money are shared in this article.
Vietnamese Moon Festival - A Special Occasion in Vietnam
The Vietnamese moon festival is regarded as the festival of children in Vietnam (because children love it!). On this day, families assemble to pay their respects to their ancestors by baking and offering cakes, sweets, and fruits on a tray, and then feasting on the offerings while gazing at the full moon.
Vietnam in February | The Most Complete Travel Guide 2025
You wish to visit Vietnam in February but still wondering about weather, travel cost and places to visit. We write down all information for your to travel in this month.
Experience A Luxury Train in Vietnam
Compared to the normal sleeper train, the luxury train in Vietnam offers more comfortable soft seats and sleeping carriages, hygienic toilets, larger luggage compartments, and even a gourmet dining experience.
10 Most Useful Transportation Applications in Vietnam
Technology has made getting around in Vietnam much easier. The following article will introduce you to the top transport apps in Vietnam that are currently the most popular. 
Top 10 Delicious Vietnamese Dishes You Should Know
In recent years, the cuisine of Vietnam is becoming better known and appreciated by foodies for the diversity of choices and delicate tastes. Let's discover best Vietnamese dishes through this article.
Winter in Vietnam | Is it a Good or Bad Time to Travel?
Discover the features of winter in Vietnam with our comprehensive guide. Experience stunning landscapes and cultural traditions in this enchanting season.
Vietnamese Traffic | Essential Things to Note for First Time Travelers
Vietnam traffic is very complicated but if you have skills, dealing with it never seems that difficult. Here you find the usèul tips to handle with traffic in Vietnam.
Cold Food Festival in Vietnam
The Cold Food Festival, also known as the Cold Food Tet, the Vietnamese Floating Rice Cake Tet, or the Han Thuc Tet, is a popular traditional holiday in Northern Vietnam, some Central Provinces and the Chinese community in Vietnam. On this occasion, families will prepare portions of glutinous rice balls (Banh Troi, Banh Chay) to respectfully offer to the ancestors.
A Travel Guide to Visit Vietnam in June
Vietnam in June worth your visit for several reasons though it is not a high travel season for international tourists. Read on to have general idea about the weather, places to visit & travel tips.
Ride a Cyclo in Vietnam | Slow Down and Savor Local Culture
Discover the significant fact of riding cyclo in Vietnam, dating back to the 1930s. Join in a journey through Vietnam's streets on this iconic transportation.

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