Trip Ideas to Vietnam

Plan your perfect Vietnam itinerary with many recommended trip ideas curated by local travel experts, from short days to several days you spend in Vietnam.

One Week in Vietnam: Your Perfect Travel Plan
Many people ask us What to see in Vietnam in 7 days? From the colonial streets to pristine beaches and majestic mountains, from idyllic rural villages and ethnic hill tribes to vibrant cities, Vietnam has lots of things awaiting you to discover.
How to Plan the Best North Vietnam Itinerary ?
For nature lovers, Northern Vietnam is where you can find the majestic mountains, ethnic hillside villages and vibrant culture. This North Vietnam travel guide will give you some ideas on the best time to visit, places to go in North Vietnam, what activities you can take.
Vietnam North vs South: What is The Difference?
The North vs South of Vietnam has so many distinctive features. Uncover the secret behind the 2 metropolises for your best Vietnam exploration.
Visit Vietnam during Tet Holiday - Everything You Need to Know
Traveling around Vietnam during Tet, you might expect many differences compared to the normal days. Read our articles to see what is interesting about this traditional celebration and what should be noticed.
Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City: A Unique Perspective
Vietnam is a perfect place to explore many different aspects of life. Lifestyle, mindset, people, scenery, etc., vary on the length of the S-shape country, and the significant difference can be experienced in the two biggest cities of Vietnam: Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon or HCMC).
Vietnam Currency and Money Guide
Planning a trip to Vietnam, you also need to know about Vietnamese currency. The most thoughtful idea about denomination, cash withdraw, exchange rate and fun facts about Vietnam money are shared in this article.
What to Expect on a Trip to Mekong Delta?
Discover what to expect on a Mekong Delta Tour with our comprehensive guide. From floating markets to lush rice paddies, experience this Vietnam unique region.
5 Reasons to Take A Mekong River Cruise
Embarking on a Mekong River cruise to explore Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand offers an unparalleled opportunity to view these countries from a distinct vantage point.
A Thorough Guide to Find the Best Vietnam Travel Agency
How can you make the most of your Vietnam trip? The answer is that the Vietnam travel agency accompanying you has the expertise and seamless plans. In this article, besides giving you the general portrait of good travel agents for Vietnam trips, we will lead you through steps to find and contact a Vietnam travel agency.
Authentic Itinerary to Vietnam in 15 Days
Vietnam is now becoming a fascinating tourist destination for both those looking to see the sights, and those who want to not only travel but also live in a different culture. Let's discover an off-the-beaten-path itinerary to Vietnam in 15 Days with us.
Vietnamese Conical Hat - Where Style Meets Function in Vietnamese Culture
Vietnamese conical hat is a special part in the country's traditional culture with its practical use and amazing story behind, which are revealed in this article.
Vietnamese Beverages - Top Local Favorite Drinks To Try
Explore all Vietnamese beverages from the most famous ones to some lesser-known impressive drinks of Vietnam.

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