Lim Festival - A Celebration of Folk Music and Heritage in Vietnam
The most famous of these is probably the Ninh Binh Lim festival - the festival of ancient villages located around Lim Mountain and the banks of Tieu Tuong River. It represents most deeply the artistic culture and spiritual beliefs of the people of Kinh Bac.
Dong Ho Painting - Vietnamese Traditional Artwork
Unfold the secret of Dong Ho paintings through its history, making process and authentic values to Vietnamese culture
7 Ancient Pagodas in Kinh Bac - Bac Ninh Travel Guide
Like Ninh Binh, Bac Ninh was also a place that experienced the prosperity of Buddhism in Vietnam. Tourists traveling to Bac Ninh will be able to see the traces of Buddhism through many Buddhist works here, typically the 7 ancient pagodas of Kinh Bac - Bac Ninh.
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