Ba Be Lake and Mysterious Legend
Ba Be Lake is like the hidden gem emerald of the mountains and forests of northeastern Vietnam, the surface of the lake is like a giant mirror on which the silhouettes of mountains and clouds are imprinted. Besides the beautiful scenery, Ba Be Lake is also famous for a legend passed down by generations of the Tay people living here.
Pac Ngoi Village - Immerse yourself in community culture
Leaning against the mountain, reflected in the bottom of Ba Be Lake, the pretty houses on stilts of Pac Ngoi village represent the cultural beauty of the Tay ethnic minority.
Ba Be Travel Guide - All need to know about Ba Be trip
Located in the top 20 largest freshwater lakes in the world, Ba Be Lake has a wild and romantic beauty with a cool and pleasant atmosphere. it is one of the ideal ecotourism destinations for many domestic and foreign tourists.
Ba Be - The unique largest natural freshwater lake in Vietnam
With spectacular scenery, pristine, with the characteristics of the natural landscape in the mountainous area, Ba Be Lake is recognized as the largest natural freshwater lake on limestone mountains in Vietnam.
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