Introduction to Halong Bay
Halong Bay is  a stunning natural wonder located in the Gulf of Tonkin, off the coast of northern Vietnam. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the must-see Vietnam destinations. The bay impresses visitors with its emerald-green waters and the stunning seascape of thousand limestone towers, mature karsts, many mysterious caves and several outstanding beaches. The limestone islands and islets that jut out of the water like natural sculptures. Not only rich in natural beauty, but Halong Bay also showcases a long history of culture. Many historical researches about Soi Nhu culture, Cai Beo culture and Halong Culture shows that prehistoric human beings used to live in this area thousand years ago.

Geological location
Halong Bay is located in Quang Ninh province, in Northeastern Vietnam and about 170km away from the capital of Hanoi. Halong Bay is the centre of a larger zone which includes Bai Tu Long Bay to the northeast and Lan Ha Bay to the southwest. These bays share similar geographical, geomorphological, climate, and cultural characteristics.

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Amanda Luxury Cruise | Itinerary, Reviews and Prices
Amanda Luxury Cruise offers exceptional cruise experiences in Lan Ha Bay. In addition to tastefully furnished apartments, a fine dining establishment offering an extensive menu, activities including culinary classes, kayaking, and swimming, free herbal foot spas, a fashion show featuring the national costumes of Vietnam's ethnic minority, honeymoon suites, and more.
Athena Luxury Cruise, Ha Long Bay | Updated Information 2024
Set sail and explore the bay's iconic limestone formations, hidden caves, and pristine beaches while enjoying gourmet cuisine and personalized service on Athena Luxury Cruise.
La Regina Legend Cruise | Itinerary, Reviews and Prices
La Regina Legend Cruise is claimed to be an unmatched source of glitz and glamour! The ship deftly combines contemporary comfort and elegance with all that was wonderful about the liner's history, such as brass fixtures and wood trim.
Quang Ninh Museum | The Impressive Cultural Black Gem
Quang Ninh Museum is a unique architectural work that allows tourists to learn about the history and traditional cultural beauty of Quang Ninh province, where Halong Bay is located.
Dragon Legend Cruise - Complete Guide For A Perfect Cruise In Bai Tu Long Bay
Dragon Legend Cruise is named to recall the legend of a group of mother dragons and baby dragons turning to stone, creating the magnificent landscape of Ha Long Bay. The location is said to be the place where the mother dragon and her children landed in the bay thousands of years ago and helped the Vietnamese people fight and defeat the invaders.
Dragon Pearl Junk Boat | The Complete Guidebook 2025
With 11 cabins, the Dragon's Pearl Junk Boat was launched in April 2010. This masterpiece, which measures 29 meters in length and 6.9 meters in width, was built by expert craftsmen using the best materials available following the tradition of creating wooden boats. There are three traditional sails: a 13-meter main sail, a 14-meter front sail, and a 7-meter cross sail. The design was inspired by the ancient Chinese sailing junks. 
Alisa Premier Cruise - The Finest Cruise in Halong Bay
Alisa Cruise is one of the most sought-after cruising experiences on the Gulf of Tonkin. Being praised as one of the largest and most luxurious vessels in the area, Alisa also offers some of the largest suites and best facilities.
Heritage Line Ginger Cruise - A Graceful Craft Of Luxe
Heritage Line Ginger Cruise is a 38-meter-long, classic Indochinese vessel from the 1920s with contemporary interior design. You will undoubtedly have a lasting experience if you take a Ginger Cruise to discover the renowned UNESCO Heritage Site Ha Long Bay via a distinctive sailing route to ancient Lan Ha Bay.
L'Amour Junk - Complete Guide For 1-Cabin Cruise Junk In Halong
L'Amour Junk (formerly known as the L'Amourss of Indochina Junk) is a great choice if you're looking for a romantic trip for two people. It is designed in the style of traditional sailboats with a small luxurious cabin, which makes it one of the first 1-cabin yachts in Ha Long Bay and is an ideal choice for a couple looking for a romantic trip. With a subtle blend of historic style and modern luxury, the ship is entirely composed of wood and bronze, designed and decorated in a traditional sailbo
The 10 Best Things To Do in Cat Ba Island - 2024
Best things to do in Cat Ba Island are the perfect mix of different activities, from relaxation to adventure and cuisine, for travelers at any age.
Prince Junk Halong Bay - Complete Guide For Private Cruise 2024
The Prince Junk was modeled after the classic Halong Bay fishing vessels, albeit on a somewhat smaller scale and with two or four cabins. There are three Prince Junks in their fleet: Prince I offers two cabins that are ideal for a family traveling with kids to experience the wonders of Halong Bay together. With four identically designed cabins and service amenities, Prince II and III can house up to eight people in a group or two couples traveling together.
La Regina Grand Cruise - Complete Guide For Ha Long Bay Cruise 2024
La Regina Grand is a masterpiece of a mobile resort on the water among hundreds of yachts in Lan Ha Bay that tourists cannot miss for their trip to conquer nature. Inspired by design from the beauty of Indochina in the 1930s, the La Regina Grand cruise ship possesses a harmony between modern and ancient styles, creating a luxurious space no different from a palace. royal palace on the Blue Sea. 
From Sapa to Halong Bay | An Essential Travel Guide and Information
Sapa to Halong Bay can be tricky in transportation but is a worthy trip to the North of Vietnam. Read more to get our guide for this trip.
La Regina Royal Cruise - Full Information of Ha Long Cruise 2024
La Regina Royal possesses the perfect lines between traditional Vietnamese architecture and the modern luxury and comfort of French style. It is a combination of a bit of elegance and classic mixed with a bit of excitement and sophistication of a trendy lifestyle. 
Orchid Cruises - Pioneering In Providing A Premium Service Experience In Lan Ha Bay
Orchid Cruise owns cruise ships that can be said to be the leading ones in the cruise industry in Lan Ha Bay. The outstanding feature of the Orchid ship is that it is designed to highlight the combination of proud beauty and delicate combination of traditional Asian nostalgia, and elegant, luxurious French neoclassical style.
Indochina Junk Boat - Complete Guide For The Most Suitable Cruise For You
Indochina Junk JSC, established in 2007, is a company that owns and operates 14 high-end cruise ships for international guests to spend the night in Ha Long Bay. Indochina Junk has concentrated on creating luxurious cruise ships to transport visitors to Halong Bay's most isolated parts, and it provides its employees with the highest customer service standards.
Choose Ha Long Bay, Lan Ha Bay or Bai Tu Long Bay for a Cruise in Vietnam?
When planning to visit Vietnam, you may be confused about having to choose Halong Bay or Lan Ha Bay, or Bai Tu Long Bay. In this article, we will explore the unique features and highlights of each bay, enabling you to make a informed choice that suits your preferences and expectations.
Reviews and Prices of The Bhaya Classic Cruise Halong Bay
One of the busiest cruise lines in Vietnam, Bhaya Cruise offers luxurious cruises to Halong Bay every day. The sophisticated design of the ship, along with its knowledgeable crew and well-respected cruise itinerary, have all contributed to its current level of popularity.
Emeraude Classic Cruise - Typical French Architecture In The Heart Of Ha Long
The Emeraude Cruise was inspired by the traditional French paddlewheel steamers that plied the waters of Halong Bay in the early 20th century. It brings back the elegance and nostalgia of Indochina-era travel.
Heritage Line Violet Cruise Halong Bay | Reviews and Prices 2024
Heritage Line Violet is "the youngest" of the stunning sisters in the Heritage Line family. Her parents have always appreciated the charm that makes her stand out from her older sisters; she has always been the hidden favorite of their dashing French aristocrat father and diminutive Vietnamese mother. Violet, so named because of the delicate purple petals that cling to the rocky islands in Halong Bay, is a delightful fusion of style, tradition, and tenderness.
Essence Grand Cruise -  The One And Only 6-star Superyatch In Vietnam
Designed according to the style and standards of international superyachts, the Essence Grand Superyacht or Essence Grand Cruise Ha Long Bay was launched in October 2023 and carries the breath of a 6-star luxury resort in the heart of the heritage.
MilaLux Cruise (formerly Pelican Cruise Halong Bay) | Explore Reviews, Rooms and Rates
MilaLux Cruises (formerly Pelican Cruise) is one of the first 5-star cruises on Ha Long Bay. It is delicately and meticulously designed by a French architect with a steel shell covered in wood.
Ambassador Cruise Halong Bay - Complete Information And Review 2024
Ambassador Cruise is the most luxurious overnight cruise officially operating since 2018 and is operating cruises to visit Ha Long Bay. At the same time, this is also the largest yacht with 46 fully equipped cabins, a 360-degree sundeck, a jacuzzi, a transparent glass bridge, and many 5-star amenities. 
9 Must-Try Halong Bay Foods
Introduce Halong Bay's rich culinary heritage, deeply rooted in fresh seafood, local ingredients, and traditional cooking techniques.
La Muse Cruise - Complete Guide For A 1-day Cruise In Halong Bay
La Muse Cruise or the Muse is a new cruise visiting the bay in April 2022 of the Indochina Junk Joint Stock Company. It is inspired by the Indochina style, and is a harmonious interference between Vietnamese and French cultures with the main color being jade green - the typical color of Indochina architecture, bringing a feeling of being closer to nature.
Top 7 Magnificent Halong Bay Caves, Caverns and Grottoes Worth Visiting
Well-known worldwide for its exceptional landscapes and geology, Halong Bay seduces visitors with its wonders in the open sea but also its attractive caverns & caves. The following are 7 magnificent Halong Bay caves worth visting.
Doris Cruise Halong Bay - Truly 5-star Cruise Experiencing Lan Ha Bay
Doris Cruise Halong Bay is one of the best and most reliable choices for a perfect cruise in Halong Bay and Lan Ha Bay. This is one of the most opulent cruises in Halong Bay, with 5-star standards and special itineraries, was launched in June 2022. Because of this, Doris Cruise is exceptional and well worth seeing Lan Ha Bay and Halong Bay.
Elite of the Seas Cruise - Top Luxury Experience in Lan Ha Bay
Experience Halong Bay - Lan Ha Bay in luxury aboard Elite of the Seas. Enjoy stunning cabins, gourmet cuisine, and unforgettable excursions on this premier cruise
Heritage Line Ylang Cruise - The Quintessence Of Luxury And Wellness Cruising
The state-of-the-art Ylang Cruise Ship from Heritage Line explores the remote regions of the breathtaking Lan Ha Bay. She beckons people to go on a sensory voyage with her vibrant charm. Inspired by local poetry, Ylang's interior features a lovely floral leitmotif. The ship exudes an antique Indochina vibe that combines with the displayed artwork collection.
Heritage Cruises Binh Chuan - The First Vietnamese Boutique Cruise On The Gulf Of Tonkin
Heritage Cruises, or Heritage Cruises Binh Chuan Cat Ba Archipelago, introduced the first Vietnamese boutique cruise on the Red River and Gulf of Tonkin.
Cozy Boutique Cruise - A Great Option for Lan Ha Bay Excursion
Cozy Boutique Cruise is a great option for those who are looking for a fantastic excursion to the HaLong Bay with unforgettable memories.
Paradise Elegance Cruise - The Most Elegant Cruise Ship In Ha Long Bay
Paradise Elegance Cruise is basically a sleek, modern vessel that fuses contemporary styling with Vietnamese design concepts. The Paradise Elegance is a meticulously designed steel boat that has reimagined luxury cruising on Ha Long. Boasting a piano bar, day spa, and wellness center, butler service, and a full range of dining options. It is guaranteed to be a work of art that brings you an exquisite experience and a flawless journey.
Paradise Grand Cruise Lan Ha Bay - Inheriting And Upgrading The Class Of 5-star Cruise Ship
Paradise Grand is a 5-star luxury cruise ship with a cruise on Lan Ha Bay, possessing 39 cabins, all with balconies facing the bay, modern equipment, and furniture, focusing on meticulousness. Service activities, entertainment, and meals are all designed according to top luxury standards.
Paradise Peak Cruise - Setting New Standards For 5-star Cruises In Ha Long
Owned by Paradise Group, which owns many luxury yachts such as Paradise, Paradise Grand, and Paradise Peak Cruise with 8 luxury cabins, capturing the hearts of tourists who love luxury on wooden yachts. Paradise Peak is the latest masterpiece of Paradise Cruises and is known as “creme de la creme” – the best of the best. It is also considered the most luxurious floating hotel on Ha Long Bay.
Emperor Cruise Halong - The King Of Luxury Cruise Ship In Vietnam
The Emperor Cruise is built as a traditional ship using the highest quality materials, and decorated with delicate gilded motifs, fine silks, velvets, and other luxurious decorations such as brass, pearls, and gemstones. Artwork by famous Vietnamese artists adorns the walls, and everything is designed to suit each traveler's specific requirements and preferences. Private butler service and reception will be available around the clock.
Rosy Cruise - The Charming Luxurious Cruise In Lan Ha Bay
Choosing Rosy Cruise to unveil the hidden treasures of Lan Ha Bay will make your Vietnamese discovery unforgettable. The cruise design like the elegant blending of modern style and traditional charm will enchant every tourist at first sight.
Mila Cruise (formerly Glory Legend Cruise) - Explore Reviews, Rooms and Rates
The Mila Cruise of Pelican Group, which debuted in December 2014, is among the best-rated 3-star low-cost cruises in Halong Bay. Its design offers passengers a beautiful, serene view of Halong Bay while blending traditional Vietnamese elegance with international standards.
The Au Co Cruise Halong Bay - 5-star Cruise With Bold Vietnamese Culture
Au Co is the first and only cruise ship to operate a throughout 3-day 2-night cruise for tourists who not only want to explore the heritage land of Ha Long Bay but also other nearby famous places such as Lan Bay. Lower, Bai Tu Long Bay. Accompanying Au Co Cruise, tourists will not have to transfer to regular ships but will stay on the cruise ship for the entire time.
Bai Tu Long Bay Signature Cruise - Escape the Ordinary
Marvel Bai Tu Long Bay with Signature Cruise is the best high-end experience you will have while in Vietnam. Read the article to explore why!
Capella Cruise - Luxury Cruise on Halong Bay 2024
The Capella Cruise is a 5-star yacht with a total of 33 cabins that started welcoming guests in August 2020. The impressive feature of the ship is its luxurious European-style design, with a white and blue metal shell while the entire space inside is made of agarwood, providing visitors with an atmosphere of closeness and warmth.
Mon Chéri Cruise Halong Bay - One of The Best Mobile 5-Star Resort
Mon Chéri consists of 2 ships and 45 luxury bedrooms with luxurious and elegant designs professional service and friendly staff who are ready to ensure that you will have memorable experiences.
Renea Cruise - Top pick Bai Tu Long Bay 2024
Make your Ha Long journey unforgettable with Renea Cruise. A luxury voyage with high-quality services and professional staff will be the most suitable choice to help you explore the beauty of Ha Long in a short time.
Aspira Cruise Halong Bay - Outstanding Representative Of Luxury Cruises
Aspira Cruise is one of the newest cruise ships in Lan Ha Bay with an outstanding modern design. Each room on the ship has luxurious interiors with a private balcony or terrace overlooking the bay.
Peony Cruise Halong Bay - Providing Amazing Cruises On Emerald Bay
The Peony Cruises are among the most exquisite yachts in Lan Ha Bay and Ha Long Bay. Peony Cruises is the sister cruise of Mon Cheri Cruises and Lily Cruises, which has been sailing in Ha Long Bay since early 2018.
Era Premium Cruise Halong Bay - The Cruise Ship That Meets ALL The International Standards
Era Premium Cruise was constructed at Damen Song Cam yard, Vietnam's largest yard, and a joint venture with the Damen group in Holland. As a result, the Cruises adhered to worldwide guidelines for construction. In addition to its opulent interior design, roomy cabins, and largest private sun terrace on the bay, Era Cruises charges a premium due to its double hull design, which enhances safety.
Everything About Halong Bay Cruise
Enjoying your leisure time in beautiful Halong Bay is one of the highlight activities that are unmissable for a Vietnam vacation. Hereafter is the information for your perfect preparation for the Halong Bay Cruise trip.
The Best Homestays in Cat Ba Island 2024
Discover the beauty of Vietnamese Island with the best homestays in Cat Ba. Experience the local culture, breathtaking landscapes, and greatest experience.
Bai Tu Long Bay - Everything You Should Know About Cruises and Tours
Things to know about Bai Tu Long Bay, a beautiful unspoiled bay located right next to Ha Long Bay. What and when to visit? Types of overnight cruises on the bay and the itinerary to visit Bai Tu Long Bay.
Top 4 Charming Caves in Cat Ba Island
For those seeking a respite from the crowds of Halong Bay while still basking in the breathtaking beauty of the landscape, Cat Ba Island caves stand as an inviting alternative.
Cat Ba National Park - Travel Guide 2024
With its picturesque villages, pristine beaches, and rich cultural heritage, Cat Ba National Park beckons as a must-visit destination for those seeking an enriching experience amidst Vietnam's natural wonders.
Cat Ba Island Hotels - The 9 Best Places to Stay on the Island
Explore top hotels in Cat Ba Island, Vietnam. Explore the stunning landscapes with the sun going down the sea, mountains, and caves waiting to be discovered.
How to Book a Halong Bay Cruise for day trips, 2 and 3 night stays?
Have you known how to book a Halong Bay cruise that is suitable for your travel preference and budget? In this article, we will provide the opportunity to tailor your journey to meet your preferences, creating a more enjoyable adventure in Halong Bay as well as any cruise destination.
Best Halong Bay Restaurants 2024
Are you planning to visit Halong Bay? Let’s explore the best dining options in this scenic destination. 
Top-rated Halong Bay Private Cruise - Small Charter Boat 2024
There are hundreds of cruises, so choosing a good one fitting with you is a bit challenging. You can charter almost all of the cruises, however, in this article we introduce you to a list of top Halong Bay private cruises, Bai Tu Long Bay private cruises, Lan Ha Bay private cruises and small charter boats.
Viet Hai Village - A Hundred-year-old Village in Cat Ba
Viet Hai Village is a picturesque destination, yet has yet to be widely known among Vietnam travelers.
Top Things to Do in Halong Bay
Halong Bay is famous for thousands of limestone karst mountains with the tranquil-green waters, recognized many times by UNESCO as the world's natural heritage. For the perfect trip, we suggest some top things to do in Halong Bay
10 Best Halong Bay Luxury Cruises
Choose a good Halong bay luxury cruise for an unforgettable vacation with spouse, family or friends. We suggest the best ones with good price and excellent services for your reference
Yen Tu Pagoda - the cradle of the Truc Lam sect of Zen Buddhism in Vietnam
The Yen Tu Pagoda consists of several pagodas built long ago. Located in the Yen Tu National Forest, this place will be a great tourist destination for foreigners on a spiritual journey in Vietnam.
Kayaking in Halong Bay - A Fascinating Experience to Try
Kayaking in Halong Bay is one of the most interesting activities that allow visitors to experience nature in a unique way. It is not random when most Halong Bay cruise itineraries include this activity. The very useful kayaking experiences below will help you have a truly enjoyable and memorable trip.
Surprise Cave - A Magical Wonder of Halong Bay
Surprise Cave, also known as Sung Sot cave, is the largest and most beautiful cave among dozens of magnificent caves, caverns and grottoes in Halong Bay, Quang Ninh province. The glittering and fanciful stalactites embody countless strange and unique shapes in a fantasy world that make visitors passionate.
The Best Halong Bay Beaches Revealed
Apart from being famous for its more than 1,900 different-sized limestone islands, recognized by UNESCO as a natural wonder, Halong Province also boasts many beautiful Halong Bay beaches that you should explore.
List of 14 Options for the Best Lan Ha Bay Cruise
Among plenty of Lan Ha Bay Cruise sailing to explore the remote and tranquil Lan Ha Bay, see what the most suitable with your style and budget. We list the best options for you to compare.
How to Plan for Your First Halong Bay 2 Night Cruise?
Planning your first Halong Bay cruise can be a little bit overwhelming. That's why we've put together a comprehensive guide on how to plan your first Halong Bay 2 Night Cruise, including tips on packing appropriately, arranging transportation, deciding on your itinerary, choosing the right time to go and selecting a reputable cruise operator.
Best Month to Visit Halong Bay for Great Weather
When is the best time to visit Halong Bay is an essential question for every traveller planning a cruise. This article will give you specific information about the climate in Halong Bay as well as give you the pros and cons of each month to help you prepare for an amazing Halong Bay tour. There is also some advice in the case that your cruise is cancelled due to bad weather.
Halong Bay Cruise in 2 Days 1 Night - What to do and see?
If you spend 2 days and 1 night on Halong Bay cruise, we suggest you try the following fun & relaxing activities. Though depending on your itinerary you cannot cover all the bullets, you can take the chance to try 9 out of 10.
A Guide to Halong Bay Day Trip from Hanoi
Halong Bay day trip from Hanoi is one of the not-to-be-missed experiences in Vietnam. With only a 2.5-hour drive from Hanoi, you can reach Halong Bay and embark on a boat to discover Halong Bay within one day.
Halong Bay Tour, overnight cruises and tour activities
A panoramic view about Halong Bay Tour that will create ideas to prepare a trip to one of the World Heritage sites in Vietnam. From Halong Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay to Lan Ha Bay, which one will be the most suitable for the cruise trip?
Lan Ha Bay - The forgotten gem in Vietnam
Known as the most popular tourist attraction in the North. This place has both the wild beauty of the mountains and forests, and the attraction of the blue sea, white sand, and sunshine.
All about Lan Ha Bay, cruise trips and tour activities
Lan ha bay is an another option for cruise trips and tour activities besides Halong Bay. The bay is located in the east of Cat Ba Island and is an adjacent bridge between Cat Ba Island and the world wonder Ha Long Bay.
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