La Regina Grand Cruise - Complete Guide For Ha Long Bay Cruise 2024

By Kayla LE - May 12, 2024
La Regina Grand Cruise - Complete Guide For Ha Long Bay Cruise 2024

La Regina Grand is a masterpiece of a mobile resort on the water among hundreds of yachts in Lan Ha Bay that tourists cannot miss for their trip to conquer nature.

Inspired by design from the beauty of Indochina in the 1930s, the La Regina Grand cruise ship possesses a harmony between modern and ancient styles, creating a luxurious space no different from a royal palace on the Blue Sea.

One of the newest luxury cruises in the Bay, La Regina Grand Cruise features 27 spacious, well-appointed cabins with full amenities and private balconies for stunning panoramas of the Bay. The cruise also offers other modern amenities such as luxury restaurants, pubs, spa and gym rooms, and libraries ensuring passengers an extremely relaxing and enjoyable stay during the cruise.

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1. Reasons Why Customers Always Choose La Regina Grand Cruise

1.1. The Premium Amenities & Services

La Regina Grand Cruise has all the amenities of a 5-star resort on land: gym, elevator, children's playroom, library, wine cellar, cigar room, movie theater, Jacuzzi, pepper spa. international standards and karaoke room (charges apply)... Even the smallest room is up to 45m2, with all high-end amenities to optimize privacy for customers such as a private balcony covering the entire heritage bay, a luxurious bathtub, ... and thousands of amenities & living corners.

La Regina Grand restaurant

The special La Regina Grand Cruise has 2 restaurants designed extremely delicately for customer experience:

  • Ha Long Restaurant on the second floor of the cruise can accommodate up to 100 guests and has an infinity glass design that creates a feeling of no distance from the majestic space right outside.

  • Cat Ba Oasis Restaurant on the rooftop with open space is truly an impressive highlight that can only be found on the La Regina Grand cruise, allowing visitors to feel the breathtaking beauty of the heritage bay. With a capacity of up to 50 guests, Cat Ba Oasis Lounge & Restaurant is especially suitable for organizing BBQ parties, evening galas, conference groups…

  • The Premium Cuisine: Not stopping at a romantic, satisfying cruise with poetic scenery on the most modern yacht, the La Regina Grand cruise also offers visitors culinary quintessence with a classy menu in a luxurious restaurant. Coming to La Regina Grand cruise ship, visitors can completely rest assured to enjoy classy meals made from carefully selected fresh ingredients. The dishes are a combination of Asian and European culinary quintessence, meticulously prepared at the hands of talented chefs. Each dish is the passion of a team of talented and experienced chefs ready to conquer the taste buds of diners.

  • The Children Area: However, what makes La Regina Grand different from other ships with the same owner in particular and ships in Ha Long Bay, in general, is the area for children with absolute safety.

1.2. The Largest Space

The most noticeable feature when visitors set foot at La Regina Grand is the spaciousness of the living space. First, the ship has many large rooms, large balconies, and large bathrooms with both bathtubs & standing showers. The VIP room is spacious and high-class, designed like an apartment + special duplex room with a large lobby, good reception, and offsite activities with space to wait comfortably.

La Regina Grand lounge

Next is the large sundeck, suitable for holding evening galas and conference groups. It has a roof so it can overcome weather problems. The restaurant is also large, with an open kitchen for customers to chat and directly see the chef cooking.

1.3. Best Ship For A Family Trip

La Regina Grand kid area

If you have small children and want to bring them along for a complete family vacation, La Regina Grand is your choice. La Regina owns a very spacious and airy children's play area that is full of interesting games. Of course, safety always comes first. In addition, the ship also has a children's club and family rooms.

2. La Regina Grand Cruise Reviews

On the TripAdvisor Website: There are more than 2,112 reviews, of which 1986 are reviews with an absolute score of 5/5 about La Regina Cruises. La Regina Grand Cruise often gains good praise.

La Regina Grand review

See more reviews about the La Regina Grand Cruise on Tripadvisor.

3. Design Structure and Room Categories of La Regina Grand Cruise

For La Regina Grand Cruise, traveling must be fun but most importantly SAFE. Therefore, the ship is designed with a double bottom and double sides according to SB sea standards, customers always feel secure when giving their full trust in the journey with La Regina Grand yacht.

3.1. Design Structure

The interior of the yacht is completely made of wood, bringing a warm, classic, extremely charming feeling while still ensuring maximum comfort for guests. Every small corner on the yacht is delicately and meticulously designed with decorative lines that carry outstanding traditional cultural beauty.

3.2. Room Categories

La Regina Grand Cruise has 27 5-star standard room cabins with areas ranging from 45m2 to 135m2 divided into 7 different room categories, providing diverse choices for customers. Each room has a name with a very special meaning associated with the Heritage Bay complex: Bai Tu Long Suite, Halong Suite, Lanha Suite, etc. On the cruise, each room has a wardrobe, bed linen, and a balcony with mountain views. In addition to a private bathroom, shower/bidet, and free toiletries, rooms at La Regina Grand Cruise have ocean views.

#1 Bai Tu Long Suite

  • Area: 45m2

  • Bed type: 01 double bed or 02 single beds

La Regina Grand room 1

There are up to 13 Bai Tu Long Suite rooms on the La Regina Grand cruise ship, all rooms are located on the first floor with an area of ​​45m2 with full 5-star amenities, spacious bathrooms with soaking tubs overlooking the bay, and luxurious interior with elegant design.

#2 Ha Long Suite

  • Area: 45m2

  • Bed type: 01 double bed or 02 single beds

La Regina Grand room 2

There are a total of 5 Ha Long Suite rooms on the yacht with an area of ​​45m2 located on the 2nd floor. This room also has a luxurious and elegantly decorated space, large glass windows for sightseeing, and a bathtub with a view of the bay.

#3 Lan Ha Suite

  • Area: 45m2

  • Bed type: 01 double bed or 02 single beds

La Regina Grand room 3

Lan Ha Suite brings a cozy but extremely elegant feeling with an area of ​​45m2 located on the 3rd floor of the yacht. This room type will have the option of 1 double bed or 2 single beds, a private balcony, a bathtub with a bay view, and 5-star amenities. La Regina Grand Cruise has 5 Lan Ha Suite rooms.

#4 Lan Ha Trio Suite

  • Area: 54m2

  • Bed type: 03 single beds

La Regina Grand room 4

Lan Ha Trio Suite is located on the 3rd floor of the yacht with an area of ​​54m2. This room class has 3 high-quality beds placed opposite the window overlooking the green bay. The completely wooden interior brings the warmth and comfort of a full 5-star room with a bay view bathtub, and a private balcony.

#5 Lan Ha Junior Grand Suite

  • Area: 60m2

  • Bed type: 01 large bed

La Regina Grand room 5

La Regina Grand Cruise has 2 Lan Ha Junior Grand Suite rooms located on the 3rd floor with an area of ​​60m2. Luxurious, elegant, and cozy design is the clearest feeling when checking in to this room type. The room is fully equipped with luxurious amenities, and 5-star standards.

#6 Lan Ha Duplex Suite

  • Area: 90m2

  • Bed type: 01 large bed

La Regina Grand room 6

This room class is located between the 2nd and 3rd floors of the yacht with an area of ​​90m2, luxuriously designed with the main blue and white tones. Thanks to its 2-story design, the Lan Ha Duplex Suite brings a unique, luxurious, and high-class experience with a private balcony, cool bedroom, and fully furnished living room according to 5-star standards.

#7 Lan Ha Grand Suite

  • Area: 135m2

  • Bed type: 01 large round bed

La Regina Grand room 7

This is a VIP room located on the 3rd floor of the yacht with an area of ​​135 square meters, a super luxurious interior, a large bed, living room furniture, a dining table, a luxuriously decorated balcony space, and a jacuzzi with a panoramic view. The bay is breathtakingly beautiful.

4. La Regina Grand Cruise Itinerary and Activities

La Regina Grand Cruise has 2 premium tour packages: a 2-day 1-night tour and a 3-day 2-night tour.

4.1.  La Regina Grand Cruise 2-day 1-night Itinerary

Day 1: Hanoi – Tuan Chau Port – Ha Long Bay – Lan Ha Bay

  • 08:00 – 08:30: La Regina Grand Cruise luxury limousine picks you up from your hotel in Hanoi Old Quarter
  • 11:30: Arrive at La Regina private lounge at Tuan Chau Marina – Ha Long
  • 12:15: Transferred by speed boat to La Regina Grand Cruises
  • 13:00: Cruise leaves to explore Lan Ha Bay
  • 15:30: Arrive at Light and Dark Cave
  • 17:30: Return to the cruise and enjoy the sunset
  • 19:00: Dinner 

Day 2: Lan Ha Bay – Halong Bay – Tuan Chau Port

  • 06:00: Greet the new day on the sundeck with a tachi session
  • 06:30: Breakfast
  • 07:30: Join the tour of Cat Ba World Biosphere
  • 10:00: Lunch
  • 11:00: Disembark from the cruise

La Regina Grand activity

4.2.  La Regina Grand Cruise 3-day 2-night Itinerary

Day 1: The same as the 1st day of the 2-day 1-night Itinerary

Day 2: Viet Hai village – Ba Trai Dao Beach 

  • 06:00: Greets first light of the Day on Sundeck, warm up your body with a Tai Chi lesson, or enjoy leisure time in the room.
  • 07:30: Breakfast 
  • 08:00: Visit Viet Hai fishing village
  • 09:30: Arrive at Viet Hai for a 30-minute biking
  • 12:30: Lunch
  • 15:00:  The cruise comes to Ba Trai Dao Beach.
  • 16:00:  Return to the ship and relax
  • 19:00: Dinner 

Day 3:  The same as the 2nd day of the 2-day 1-night Itinerary

5. Some Notes When Booking A Cabin On The La Regina Grand Cruise

All cruise ships in Ha Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay that want to spend the night on the Bay must be licensed by the Bay management board. During days of bad weather (storms, strong winds, big waves, etc.), the Bay management board will stop granting overnight permits to all ships to ensure the safety of tourists. In such a situation, they will apply the following policies:

  • If the Bay management gives notice when you are on the tour schedule (you have used some services such as transportation from Hanoi - Ha Long/Hai Phong, lunch, day cruise, etc.), the cruise will only charge you for the services you have used, the remaining services will be fully refunded.

  • If the 3-day 2-night program is cut to 2-day 1-night due to weather conditions, La Regina Grand Cruise will only collect the fee for the 2-day 1-night program including the services you have used and the unused services. The La Regina Grand Cruise will refund you accordingly.

  • In case some attractions are canceled due to severe weather or other force majeure causes, please contact the travel agency that you booked with to process a partial refund of the order.

  • The trip may be canceled in case of natural disasters or bad weather. The supplier will, based on the actual situation, send a cancellation notice 1 day in advance.

  • Visitors with the following diseases or health conditions or those who are sensitive to external influences or are easily overstimulated are advised not to participate in some activities: high blood pressure, heart disease, acrophobia, asthma, epilepsy, and pregnant women.

  • Guests with special menu requests, food allergies, or dietary restrictions should notify the agent at least 1 week before the trip.

6. La Regina Grand Cruise Prices

The La Regina Grand Cruise's prices vary according to high season, low season, room type, and the number of people sharing the same room. This is the price range for visitors' reference:

  • Bai Tu Long Suite Double Room: $389/ 2 pax/ cabin
  • Ha Long Suite Double Room: $421/ 2 pax/ cabin
  • Lan Ha Suite Double Room: $453/ 2 pax/ cabin
  • Lan Ha Trio Suite Room: $631/ 3 pax/ cabin
  • Lan Ha Junior Grand Suite Double Room: $413/ 2 pax/ cabin
  • Family Duplex Suite Cabin: $776/ 4 pax/ cabin
  • Lan Ha Grand Suite Double Room: $841/ 2 pax/ cabin

7. How To Book A Room On The La Regina Grand Cruise?

La Regina Grand Cruise is one of the most popular cruise ships for travelers spending the night on Ha Long Bay - Lan Ha Bay.

The La Regina Grand Cruise departs daily. You can depart any day of the year (including holidays Tet, Christmas, and New Year's Eve) from Hanoi or Halong Bay. For more inquiries, please contact us via the information below for a free consultation as well as the opportunity to receive the best quote and promotions from IZITOUR.

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