Halong International Cruise Port: Vietnam's First Specialized Habor

By Ngoc Tu Dinh - July 10, 2024
Halong International Cruise Port: Vietnam's First Specialized Habor

Halong International Cruise Port is the pride of Vietnam's sea tourism and promises to paint a great picture of Quang Ninh in tourists' minds.

Ha Long is one of the best destinations in Vietnam to travel to. Its most recognizable reputation comes from the same-named attraction, Ha Long Bay, one of the world's seven wonders. However, Ha Long is more than that. The port city has many interesting places to explore: the hidden gem Bai Tu Long, Lan Ha Bay, the villages, the entertainment, the sceneries, the cuisine, etc. Ha Long is normally reached by road or plane from big cities like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Danang, etc., but it seems like the city intends to welcome more tourists by sea. That's when the Halong International Cruise was established, which made Halong more accessible to international travelers.

halong international cruise port

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1. Where is Halong International Cruise Port located?

As the first specialized international tourist cruise port in Vietnam, Halong International Cruise Port is located in the center of Bai Chay, a tourist hotspot in Quang Ninh Province. It is next to Halong Bay, which UNESCO has designated a World Natural Heritage site on two separate occasions. 

Halong International Cruise Port

2. What Is Special About Halong International Cruise Port?

It is a special-class port project by Sun Group - one of Vietnam's leading multi-industry business groups. The cruise port is divided into two distinct areas:

  • The international port, which is designed to accommodate huge ships and ultra-luxury international yachts.

  • The domestic port is designed to accommodate ships that are visiting Ha Long Bay, Lan Ha Bay, and Bai Tu Long Bay.

In particular, the 4,500 square meter passenger port terminal, comprised of three stories, was built by Bill Bensley, who is considered one of the top five leading architects in the world. This terminal offers guests high-quality cultural, gastronomic, and retail experiences while waiting to purchase tickets to explore the bay.

inside international cruise port

The port has six wharves, four of which are designated for yachts and cruise ships, and one pier, which includes two wharves, for heavyweight international cruises. Under the talented Bill Bensley, the architecture of Ha Long International Cruise Port is a subtle blend of the quintessence of Vietnamese and European culture and architecture. It resembles a corner of Hoi An ancient town when viewed from the outside, but inside, it looks like the basement of a 13th-century ship with many wooden pillars and ceilings. These elaborate interiors recreate ancient sea voyages.

The port is also equipped with a modern technical system to ensure maritime safety, fire prevention, and epidemic safety, ensuring the most reliable experience for tourists.

mordern technical system

In December 2020, Ha Long International Cruise Port received great news when it was honored as "Asia's Leading Cruise Port 2020" in the tourism award category of the World Travel Awards.

cruise port

In addition to its modernity and unique architecture, the prime location right next to the majestic space of Ha Long Bay is the reason why this Vietnam's only specialized international cruise port has caught the attention of many tourists around the world. In 2024, on the first day of the new year, 2 international cruise ships docked at Ha Long International Cruise Port. They were the Vasco Da Gama from Portugal, with nearly 650 German tourists, and the Celebrity Solstice from Malta, bringing more than 3,000 European and American tourists to Quang Ninh. Other cruise ships from China, Westerdam, etc., brought thousands of travelers to Halong as well.

It is anticipated that this port will develop into an excellent location that allows travelers from all over the world to see the wonderful city of Ha Long as well as the wonderful people of Vietnam.

3. How to Get to Halong International Cruise Port?

3.1. How to reach Halong International Cruise Port from Hanoi?

Halong International Cruise Port is about 155 km from Hoan Kiem Lake. The best way is by limousine, which costs about $10-14$ for one way, depending on the company and the seat position. Each limousine often has about 9 - 12 seats, and the seats in the middle are the most expensive.

halong international port

3.2. How to reach Halong International Cruise Port from Tuan Chau?

It is approximately 15 km from Tuan Chau to Halong International Cruise Port. You can start from Tuan Chau by bus, which costs under 1 dollar for the ticket, but the more convenient option is a taxi, which costs 6 to 8 dollars. Some great taxi brands are Mai Linh, Sao, Van Don Xanh, etc. Otherwise, booking online via various prestigious transport apps such as Grab, Xanh SM, and Be is also possible.

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