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  • Perfect, reliable organization

    Izitours, in particular Mrs. Van Anh Phan, has organized an overnight cruise departing from Catba in Lanha Bay. Transfer from our hotel in Hanoi, then from Catba to Ninhbinh. Personalized organization of several transfers from HoChiMinh airport to the Mekong Delta and back, with timing respected. Perfect organization, good advice and a very warm welcome in their Hanoi office. Mrs. Van Anh Phan is very professional, friendly and available, and her French is excellent, which facilitated our exchanges.

    Dec 9, 2023
  • Robin Guedel
    Robin Guedel

    Urgent visa

    Izitour saved my trip to Vietnam. I completely forgot to apply for a visa before my flight. Unfortunately it was already the weekend and the immigration office was closed. Izitour prepared everything over the weekend to get an urgent visa for me on Monday. I only lost one day through my own fault. Thank you for your good support

    Dec 4, 2023
  • Unforgettable Private tour - Northern Vietnam

    We have always travelled on our own, doing our research before heading out to our destination, never relying on a tour guide. However, we are glad that we booked a private tour with Izitour. First, IMO, the Ha Giang Loop should only be driven by experienced local drivers, the looping roads and narrow path leading to small ethnic groups villages are difficult to navigate, for your safety and the others on the road, leave it to the locals. Secondly, having a tour guide will save you time and energy on the travel logistics: lodging, travel distances, food safety, local custom taboos, etc… (Thank you Lien for taking care of the mundane part for us) not everything you need to know will be found on the internet when travelling to non-touristy remote area.

    Our amazing guide Zonie was the perfect guide for us, he was able to cater to our group preferences that diverged from a teenager to middle aged couple and one elderly. I was very impressed by his keen sense of observation to pin down our food preferences, activities and habits without us having to point it out, he basically tailored the trip to our needs and likes, to ensure we were having a great time. Zonie often went out of his way to ensure that we get to see unexpected sights along the way; As we trekked through the small indigenous village, we were introduced to a galore of local food, flora and fauna, wondrous sceneries, on top of learning about the local customs/lifestyle and architecture of the different indigenous groups.

    A note of caution, we have chosen to “live like a local” style, however if indoor plumbing is a must for you, mention if to Izitour as some WCs on the road are just “hole in the ground”.

    In short, I would recommend this tour and Zonie as a guide for a successful “bucket list” checkmark, unforgettable memories, and the privilege to meet people who’s mission is to see you smile under their care.

    Dec 1, 2023
  • Super efficient and amazing service!

    Thank you so much for being so quick and efficient with the visa process, I was able to take my flight at time and have an amazing trip!

    Dec 1, 2023
  • Our honeymoon

    What a wonderful experience we had with izitour, especially with Tran Lien. She helped us since the beginning and told us what was the most important acording to the season and the time avalaible. During the travel, she cared about everything and the guide was amazing. We truly recommend

    Nov 29, 2023
  • Superb excursions in Vietnam

    We had two superb excursions in Vietnam with French-speaking guides. A BIG thank you to Lim who helped us with our reservations and choice of excursions. Thanks to his unparalleled service and availability, we'll always remember him!

    Nov 28, 2023
  • Christin Weibel
    Christin Weibel

    The employees are very courteous

    The advice and workmanship was sensational thank you. Suoer staff very courteous.thank you it helped me a lot, especially Lien Tran.thank you.

    Nov 27, 2023
  • Great off-the-beaten track tour in North Vietnam

    Izitour and in particular Lien were great in organising a faultless tour for our family.
    We wanted to go a bit off the beaten track and were able to communicate this with Lien who designed a personalized tour for us. I gave her some indication and she organised a tour based on this, but then advised us to be careful to ensure that it would not be too strenuous for our two little girls. So last minute we decided to change completely and without any issues she designed an alternative tour for us.

    The tour itself was great. Good comfortable bus, careful driver and most of all a great guide Zonie. Zonie was informative, personable and establish immediately a great relationship with us and our daughter.
    He was attentive to all our need but also gave us the space to enjoy things on our own if we wanted. He was caring with our two little girls and flexible in adjusting things to our needs, capabilities as well as the weather.

    Overall we can't recommend Izitour and Lien and Zonie enough.

    Nov 21, 2023
  • Aik You Neo
    Aik You Neo

    Izitour made tour easy despite the floods.

    Izitour arranged a 12-day tour for my wife and I in Nov 2023. It covered North and Central Vietnam.
    The tour was well organised and professionally managed.
    During the trip , there were floods in Central Vietnam due to heavy rain. As a result, we could not travel to Hue on the planned date. Tour organiser (Ms Lien Tran) was very quick to respond to the situation and consequently we did manage to go to Hue(one day later) and to visit the key places that were originally planned for. Moreover, changes had to be made to our internal flight from Danang to Hanoi as a result of the floods - it was done promptly without affecting our trip schedule.
    All in all, we were very satisfied that the tour went well despite the floods . The bad weather affected the tour itinerary to a certain extent but we managed to see and experience most of the places planned for - thanks to Ms Lien Tran and the tour guide on the ground.

    Nov 20, 2023
  • Dirk  Heuer
    Dirk Heuer

    eVisa within 5 days

    We commissioned IziTour to process the visa application. We exchanged information via email. It was so good, we would apply here again at any time.

    Nov 20, 2023
  • A wonderful holiday!

    Very interesting trip, full of opportunities and knowledge, intense and really well organized, congratulations!!!

    Nov 10, 2023
  • Friendly and competent guides. Efficient and excellent organisation, drivers always very good and friendly. Excellent

    Absolutely well-structured trip with competent guides and drivers . Kind and helpful staff, courteous and punctual

    Nov 10, 2023

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