10 Most Useful Transportation Applications in Vietnam

By Kayla LE - May 14, 2024
10 Most Useful Transportation Applications in Vietnam

The transportation system in Vietnam can be quite complex for foreign travelers because the majority of vehicles here are motorcycles. However, technology has made getting around in Vietnam much easier; you can proactively book rides or utilize other amenities from these apps. The following article will introduce you to the top transport apps in Vietnam that are currently the most popular. 

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1. Grab

Currently, Grab is the most favored and highly convenient ride-hailing app in Southeast Asia, including Vietnam. It offers various features and user-friendly interfaces.

At present, Grab provides customers with five main types of transportation services: taxi (GrabTaxi), motorcycle taxi (GrabBike), private car (GrabCar), and delivery (GrabExpress). Additionally, there are some other expanded services such as GrabFood and GrabPay.

Available on: iOs and Android
Price: Free

transport app vietnam grab

2. Be

Be is a ride-hailing technology application developed by Be GROUP Joint Stock Company, offering users two main services: BeBike (2-wheeled vehicle booking service) and beCar (4-wheeled vehicle booking service). Additionally, similar to Grab, Be also offers a variety of other services such as BeFood, Rental, Flight ticket, Delivery, etc.

This application is currently widely used in most major provinces in Vietnam. You can easily book a Be ride directly through this app on both Android and iPhone devices. Additionally, Be has integrated with Busmap, allowing you to book rides through this app as well. Regarding payment methods, cash is the most convenient option, however, Be also supports various payment methods such as electronic wallets or bank accounts.

Available on: iOs and Android
Price: Free

transport app vietnam be

3. Gojek

Gojek, a ride-hailing giant, entered the Vietnamese market in 2018. This "super app" quickly connected over 150,000 drivers, 80,000 restaurants, and millions of customers. Gojek offers three key services: GoRide for booking rides, GoFood for food delivery, and GoSend for sending packages and errands. This all-in-one approach provides convenience for users and creates a thriving network for drivers and restaurants. The Gojek app is quite similar to Be and Grab, so you can easily use it and take advantage of available incentives.

Available on: iOs and Android
Price: Free

transport app vietnam gojek

4. Xanh SM

Xanh SM is a new ride-hailing application launched in April 2023, which provides users with a new type of vehicle made from environmentally friendly materials. Although it is a new model in the market and unlike traditional vehicles, when you sit in the car and move, you feel completely comfortable and extremely relaxed. Currently, Xanh SM is available in 14 provinces and cities in Vietnam, so this could be a good choice.

When users book a Xanh SM electric car, all related costs will be displayed on the phone for customers to review. From there, you can check each fee and contact the hotline 1900 2088 for further clarification if needed.

Available on: iOs and Android
Price: Free

transport app vietnam xanh sm

5. Busmap

BusMap is an innovative application designed to streamline navigation through the bustling streets using the city's public bus system. This app offers a variety of useful features aimed at simplifying the user's travel experience.

One of the app's standout features is its ability to determine the shortest travel time to a specified destination, taking into account various factors such as traffic conditions and bus schedules. Additionally, BusMap can suggest optimal bus routes to minimize commute duration, offering users efficient travel options.

With bus fares ranging from 5,000 to 7,000 VND, utilizing the app can lead to significant savings while enjoying the city's beauty. In addition to Hanoi, Da Nang, and Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), BusMap is available in Malaysia and Thailand, making it easiest for visitors to get around Southeast Asia.

Available on: iOs and Android
Price: Free

transport app vietnam busmap

6. MyGo

MyGo is a new technology-based ride-hailing and delivery application developed by Viettel recently. The registration process for booking a ride through MyGo is very easy and quick. Users only need to enter some basic personal information along with their phone number and then wait for a confirmation message with a code.

In addition to calling a motorcycle taxi or taxi, users can also request shipping and transportation services for bulky items using trucks. These two services are also integrated into the MyGo application, and the usage process is similar. However, the shipping fee will be higher than that of motorcycle taxis, and for trucks, it will depend on the size and weight of the item the customer wants to transport.

Available on: iOs and Android
Price: Free

transport app vietnam mygo

7. Mai Linh

Taxi Mai Linh offers a completely free ride-hailing app that streamlines the process for customers. The app helps save time when booking rides, making payments, and tracking mileage. This focus on convenience builds customer trust in Mai Linh's services.

Booking a Taxi Mai Linh ride is easy and can be done in two ways: call the hotline: Dial 1055 to request a taxi or download the Taxi Mai Linh app: The app is available for both Android and iOS devices. While ride-hailing services like Grab or Be might not be present in some smaller Vietnamese cities, Taxi Mai Linh is a reliable alternative. You can directly contact the hotline for assistance in finding the nearest available car.

Available on: iOs and Android
Price: Free

transport app vietnam mai linh

8. Vato

VATO has not yet achieved widespread coverage compared to the Grab and Be apps. Few people know that VATO (formerly VIVU) was invested in and developed by Phuong Trang Transport Company ( FUTA), a big intercity bus line.

The VATO ride-hailing app has helped connect transportation service providers with those needing transportation services. VATO currently provides Vato Bike, Vato Taxi, Vato Car, and Vato Delivery.

Available on: iOs and Android
Price: Free

transport app vietnam vato

9. Vexere

VeXeRe.com is a platform connecting users and bus operators. Currently, VeXeRe is the largest intercity bus booking system in Vietnam, with over 2000 high-quality bus operators and more than 5000 routes nationwide. The advantage of this website is that users can easily search for bus trip information, compare ticket prices, and book bus tickets online.

Most users can find bus tickets to travel from one city to another through the VeXeRe website because it has connected hundreds of agents and bus operators nationwide. Each bus company has genuine customer reviews so users can make reasonable choices and book tickets.

Available on: iOs and Android
Price: Free

transport app vietnam vexere

10. Vinasun

Vinasun is a taxi booking app owned by Vinasun Vietnam Joint Stock Company. With just a connection to the internet on your phone, users can proactively book taxi rides to their desired destinations.

This app allows you to quickly and safely book transportation services using both 4-seater and 7-seater cars, with cost estimates synchronized with the fare meters in the vehicles. Additionally, it provides convenient information about the distance between the pickup point and the destination.

Available on: iOs and Android
Price: Free

vinasun taxi app

With this article, you have been introduced to the top transportation apps in Vietnam widely used. Hopefully, with this information, you can choose the most suitable app and have a great experience going around in Vietnam.

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