How to Get from Da Nang to Hanoi?

By Ngoc Tu Dinh - June 6, 2024
How to Get from Da Nang to Hanoi?

On Vietnam's central coast, Da Nang is known for its beaches and nightlife. It's a gateway to UNESCO sites like Hoi An and My Son. Hanoi, the capital, is a blend of old and new. The distance between Da Nang and Hanoi is about 764 km. This comprehensive guide will explore various transportation options to help you choose the most convenient and cost-effective method to get from Da Nang to Hanoi.

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1. From Da Nang to Hanoi by flight

Traveling by air from Da Nang to Hanoi is the fastest and most convenient option. Multiple daily flights are operated by airlines such as Vietnam Airlines, VietJet Air, and Bamboo Airways. 

Flight airlines in Vietnam from Da Nang to Hanoi

  • Flight duration: 1.5 hours
  • Ticket prices: 1.100.000 - 2.300.000 VND
  • Departure Terminal: Da Nang International Airport (DAD)
  • Arrival Terminal: Noi Bai International Airport (HAN)
  • Advantages: moving time is very fast, saves time for travel activities
  • Disadvantage: The airport is far from the city center, so it needs time to transfer from the city to the airport. If flights are delayed or canceled, it will affect the travel plan.

>>> Reference to book the air ticket from Da Nang to Hanoi on the official website of airlines

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2. From Da Nang to Hanoi by train

Train from Da Nang to Hanoi

Traveling by train from Da Nang to Hanoi offers a scenic and leisurely journey through Vietnam's diverse landscapes. Train ticket prices for this route vary depending on the seat position, the timing of booking, and the person booking the tickets. However, train tickets are generally cheaper than other transportation options, especially during non-holiday periods. Here’s a detailed guide on what to expect when choosing this mode of transportation:

  • Price: 630.000 – 1.300.000 VND/pax depending on the seat or sleeper class
  • Travel time: 16 - 18 hours
  • Departure at Da Nang Railway Station
  • Arrive at Hanoi railway station – 120 Le Duan Str, Hanoi
  • Advantages: low cost, enjoy the stunning landscapes on the way.
  • Disadvantages: It is noisy and shaking, so it will be hard to sleep, and you may be tired the next day.

Passengers could book train tickets through a travel agent or at the Vietnam Railway station website:
Or directly at Da Nang Railway Station - 200 Hai Phong, Tam Thuan, Hai Chau, Da Nang

Hanoi Station is conveniently located in the city center and surrounded by many entertainment and dining options. For leisure activities, you can visit Thong Nhat Park and Hoan Kiem Lake. The Old Quarter offers narrow streets with shops, cafes, and nightlife. For dining, there are famous food stalls on Tong Duy Tan Street and street food on Phung Hung Street. Nearby eateries include Pho Thin, Bun Cha Huong Lien, and Cha Ca La Vong, offering delightful and varied dining experiences.

Train timetable

Train No




1.55 PM

6.00 AM 
on the next day


12.57 PM

5.40 AM 
on the next day


10.30 AM

4.35 PM
on the next day


00.56 AM

7.12 PM


9.04 AM

4.55 PM
on the next day


3.43 PM

10.10 AM
on the next day


6.05 PM

11.40 AM
on the next day

3. From Da Nang to Hanoi by limousine bus

Local bus from Da Nang to Hanoi

Traveling by bus from Da Nang to Hanoi is a cost-effective option that offers flexibility and the opportunity to experience Vietnam’s diverse landscapes. Overnight buses are popular as they allow travelers to sleep through most of the journey.

  • Price: 350.000 – 650.000 VND/pax (depending on bus companies)
  • Travel time: 16 - 20 hours, depending on traffic conditions and the specific bus service chosen. 
  • Advantages: reasonable price, many buses to choose from, suitable for young tourists who love to discover the local life.
  • Disadvantages: Take a taxi between the hotel and the bus station. If the bus breaks down on the way, you may miss your travel plan.

>>> Reference to book tickets at

Or at bus companies: 

  • Tan Kim Chi Bus
    • Price 450.000 - 650.000 VND/pax
    • Pick-up point: Da Nang city center area
    • Drop-off point: Nuoc Ngam Bus Station
    • Tel: 1900.51.51
  • Phu My Hanh Bus
    • Price 450.000 VND/pax
    • Pick-up point: Da Nang city center area
    • Drop-off point: Nuoc Ngam Bus Station
    • Tel: 0901.638.777 – 0975.817.617
  • Van Khoi Bus
    • Price 400.000 VND/pax
    • Pick-up point: Da Nang Central Bus Station
    • Drop-off point: Giap Bat Bus Station
    • Tel: 0905629569

4. From Da Nang to Hanoi by private car

A private car is an alternative that shouldn't be overlooked if you're the kind of visitor who enjoys off-the-beaten-track, distinctive, uncommon, and unique itineraries from Central Vietnam to North Vietnam. This type of transfer is ideal for exploring the "genuine" Vietnam area of North Central, which is also referred to as the panhandle of North Vietnam because of its geographic location.

Renting A Car in Vietnam With Driver 2024 | Izitour

  • Private car price for route Da Nang to Hanoi: about 8.000.000 VND/2D1N
  • Advantages: Proactive in time, safe, and your travel routes are guaranteed, private space, no wasting time for waiting.
  • Disadvantages: It is expensive if there are only 1 - 2 people. Sitting in the car for too long will make you tired.

You have explored various transportation options to get from Da Nang to Hanoi, Vietnam. Whether you prioritize speed and convenience (flight), scenic views and affordability (train), budget and flexibility (bus), or a unique off-the-beaten-path experience (private car), there's a perfect choice for you. We hope that our travel guide will help you make the best decision for your Da Nang - Hanoi trip.

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