Hanoi is certainly one of the most exciting capitals in Southeast Asia. An astonishing city that offers a multitude of activities capable of satisfying every desire for discovery. History, culture, gastronomy, architecture, on foot, by bike or Vespa, during the day or in the evening compose as you wish your stay in the thousand-year-old capital of Vietnam.

The Old Quarter known as the 36 Corporations, the soul of Hanoi.

Located north of Hoan Kiem Lake, between the Red River and the old citadel, Hanoi's 36 street and corporation district is the authentic heart of the Vietnamese capital. Centuries old, it is the oldest commercial district of the city and is distinguished by its inimitable atmosphere and effervescence. You will enjoy wandering on foot in the streets and alleys of the old city to discover its lively commercial life, numerous markets, shops, bars and restaurants, its temples and pagodas, and its famous street cuisine. A fascinating district which, at every hour of the day, reveals a different face to become in the evening a very warm festive animation

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