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    Located on the Mandarin Road between the two Unesco listed cities of Hue and Hoi An, Danang is a perfect combination of nature, beach and culture. Nestled in a beautiful natural setting, the one that was known as Tourane during the colonial era is well worth a visit to discover all the little treasures that this dynamic coastal city has to offer.

    Discovery of the Son Tra Peninsula

    Stretching over 60 km² and culminating at an altitude of about 700 meters, the Son Tra peninsula, still very wild, is a true natural sanctuary offering superb panoramas with, on one side, the luminous green of the particularly dense vegetation and, and on the other, the azure blue of the East Sea. To be seen is the great white Buddha 67 meters high before arriving at the Linh Ung pagoda which enjoys a sumptuous view of Danang Bay. One comes especially to the Son Tra peninsula for the richness of its fauna and flora typical of the mix between the climate of the North and the South. You will try to observe the many species of gibbons, monkeys, deer, etc. that inhabit the green lung of the city of Danang.

    Visit of the marble mountains

    Unmissable to visit during your trip to Danang, the marble mountains, or Ngu Hanh Sơn in Vietnamese, is a group of five marble and limestone hills that represented for the ruler Gia Long the five elements (water, fire, metal, wood and earth). The marble mountains are a high place of Buddhist and Hindu pilgrimage where many sanctuaries, temples and pagodas have been carved out of the limestone. Make the effort to climb the 156 steps that lead to the top of Thuy Son, the only marble mountain accessible to visitors. It comprises three rocky peaks and offers a stunning panoramic view of the countryside and coastline and the other marble mountains. Explore the mysterious caves of Tang Chon, Huyen Khong and Am Phu with pagodas and temples inside. At the foot of the mountains, you can observe the work of craftsmen who carve impressive statues out of marble blocks, including religious statues.

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