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    Located in the extreme south of Vietnam, Ha Tien is a refreshing stopover in your discovery of the Mekong Delta. This port city open on the gulf of Thailand allows you to go to the island of Phu Quoc or to continue your trip to neighboring Cambodia by road.

    Thach Dong Cave Pagoda

    Located four kilometres from Ha Tien and only three kilometres from the Cambodian border, Thach Dong Cave Pagoda is the only notable Buddhist pagoda in the city that is truly worth a visit. Enter the labyrinthine caves to find smoky altars and rooms hiding funeral tablets. The echoing tunnels and dark stairs leading to the small caves exude a mystical atmosphere, adding solemnity to the simple shrines. Take advantage of the openings to enjoy a beautiful view of the rice fields and hills of Cambodia. The cave is home to a colony of bats which, as soon as the sun declines, fly away in large sheaves from the cave.

    Hang Tien Cave

    Located 25 kilometres from Ha Tien, in the direction of Rach Gia, this cave served as a refuge for Nguyen Anh, the future emperor Gia Long, in 1784, when he was pursued by Tay Son rebels. His soldiers discovered there coins engraved with zinc, hence its name "coin cave".

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