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    Located in South Vietnam, only 200 kilometres northeast of Ho Chi Minh City, the resort of Mui Ne is a popular destination for travelers who want to take a beach break during their trip to Vietnam. A choice motivated by a unique climate, extraordinary landscapes composed of dunes and a magical canyon, and for the many activities both on sea and land that this renowned seaside resort has to offer.

    The superb dunes of Mui Ne

    The beautiful dunes alone justify a stay at Mui Ne. This little Sahara air in the middle of Vietnam always captivates visitors. Nature has been generous in offering you two dune formations, one red and the other white. Visiting them can be an opportunity for a half or full day Jeep excursion. The red dunes, located at the exit of the city, offer breathtaking panoramas especially at sunset when the light at the end of the day tints these vast expanses of sand a coppery red. As for the white dunes, they are located about thirty kilometres from Mui Ne and offer the opportunity for a magnificent walk in the semi-desert countryside of Mui Ne. The white sand dunes are reflected in the deep blue waters of a lake full of lotus flowers, offering a particularly photogenic picture that one never tires of contemplating.

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