• Férias no Planalto Central do Vietnã
  • Férias no Planalto Central do Vietnã
  • Duração:04 Dias
  • Início/Fim: Pleiku / Buon Ma Thuot
  • Visitar: Kon Tum - Pleiku - Buon Ma Thuot
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  • Guia turístico em: English, Français
  • Estilo de viagem: Autêntico
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    This is one of the most captivating destinations in the Central Highlands! Buon Me Thuot, the coffee capital of Vietnam, never ceases to seduce travelers with its wild and rural landscapes dotted with spectacular waterfalls and populated by many ethnic minorities with fiercely preserved customs and habits. A destination that mixes cultural and natural discoveries under a pleasant climate.

    The coffee capital of Vietnam

    Capital of Dak Lak province and the largest city in the Central Highlands, Buon Me Thuot is also the coffee capital of Vietnam. Travellers know Vietnam for its rice fields but few know that the country is the world's leading producer of robusta coffee. An industry that represents more than 3% of the national GDP, provides a living for more than three million people and is almost exclusively concentrated in the Buon Me Thuot region. Although coffee production in Vietnam dates back to French colonization, it was the Vietnamese farmers who made coffee the star of the Vietnamese soil. During your stay in Buon Me Thuot, it is unthinkable not to visit a plantation in order to discover the whole process of harvesting, transformation and preparation techniques of Vietnamese black gold. Some farms have specialized in the production of "civet coffee", a rare, very expensive coffee, harvested from the excrement of an Asian civet.

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