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    Between land and sea, this charming little town-museum, listed as a UNESCO heritage site, has something to seduce all kinds of travelers. Peaceful atmosphere, exceptional architectural, cultural and gastronomic heritage, indolent beaches and remarkable craftsmanship, Hoi An is definitely a must-see destination in Vietnam.

    Hoi An's Story

    Before it became the pleasant town we know today, Hoi An was, at its peak in the 15th century, an international trading port frequented by Japanese, Chinese, Arab and European ships. Situated on the South-East Asian silk trade routes, Hoi An experienced a flourishing commercial activity. Merchants liked to stop here to buy ceramics, pottery, silk and embroidery. Many Chinese and Japanese merchants settled in Hoi An to take advantage of its commercial attractiveness. The many old wooden houses, temples and pagodas of the Chinese communities bear witness to this. The progressive silting up of the port of Hoi An in the middle of the 19th century sounded the death knell of this prosperous period. Hoi An regained its splendour with the rise of tourism which really began at the beginning of the years 2000.

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