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    Situated on one of the two great arms of the Mekong River, on the Hau River, Long Xuyen, capital of An Giang Province, is an invigorating stopover on your tour of the Mekong Delta. This bustling city is known for having one of the busiest floating markets in the region and for its delicious island, a true oasis of tranquility, stranded on the café au lait coloured waters of the Hau River.

    Long Xuyen Floating Market

    The Long Xuyen floating market is one of the largest floating markets in the Mekong Delta. It is a semi-wholesale market, which means that traders from Long Xuyen and surrounding villages come every day with their small boats to buy supplies from the vendors and their big boats loaded with goods. Each of these boats is specialized in selling one or two fruits or vegetables. Long before dawn, it is an incessant ballet of boats of all sizes, a real aquatic anthill that one never tires of observing. The haggling on the boats goes on, the activity is intense to load the boats, some take a nap, others take a little respite by swallowing a little soup on the deck of the boat. The good river scenes of a floating market; just the way we like it!

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