Vietnam visa for Cuban tourists

1. Vietnam e-visa for citizens of Cuba
From August 15th, 2023, Vietnam e-visa for Cuban is officially active. According to the Vietnam government, Cuban citizens can enter and exit Vietnam multiple times within 90 days by using an electronic visa.
Cuban passport holders please apply for Vietnam e-visa via one of these official websites:
In case you meet any obstacle with your e-visa, Izitour can directly alleviate and help you go more smoothly. Please do not hesitate to contact us at whatsapp: +84 (0) 9 12 12 10 91
2. Vietnam visa on arrival for citizens of Cuba
2.1. What type of visa Cuban passport holders need to enter Vietnam?

Besides electronic visas, Cuban travellers can pick up a Vietnam Visa On arrival to enter Vietnam. A tourist visa approval letter for Vietnam is issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department via a legitimate Vietnam travel agency. Based on the visa approval letter, the Immigration officer will stamp the entry visa on your passport upon your arrival.
Extra note that your passport must be valid within the next 6 months from the date you arrive in Vietnam. If it is set to expire, please renew before your travelling.

2.2 Vietnam Visa on arrival fee

The total fee for Vietnam visa includes Vietnam Visa services fee and Vietnam stamping fee. Depend on the visa type, the Vietnam VOA costs you different services fee (pay online for us) and stamp fee (pay in cash at the airport)

Type of visa approval letterService feeStamp fee
Normal (72 hrs) Urgent (4 - 48 hrs) Urgent (1 - 3 hrs)
1 month single entry$50$150$250$25
1 month multiple entry$50$150$250$50
Note: The above processing times only apply on working days (Monday - Friday).
2.3 How do Cuban passport holders apply for Vietnam Visa on arrival and enter Vietnam?

Step 1. Fill in Visa option
This is the very first step that you need to do. Fill in the application form with all your information exactly as in your passport. Further is your type of visa needed.
You can start to to apply here.

Step 2. Review information and make payment for services fee
Carefully cross check the information and confirm with us. If there is any mistake after your payment, please contact us via hotline immeditately. You can choose to make payment by different online services from our trusted partners. Credit/ Debit Card via OnePay are all accepted.

Step 3. Get Visa Approval Letter via email and prepare necessary documents
Within promised processing time, you will receive the visa approval letter via your email. Please prepare these documents to show at the landing visa counter

  • Your valid passport for next 6 month since immigration date
  • Printed approval letter for visa. See the picture.
  • Filled-in entry and exit form. See and download form
  • Two passport-sized photos (ect. 4x6cm)
  • Stamping fee for visa in cash (ect. USD25/person for single entry or USD 50/person for multiple entry)
    Please note that the visa officer only accept money in cash in US dollars.

Step 4. Get your visa stamped at the Vietnam airport
By presenting above documents and Visa Approval Letter to the immigration officier, you will do the custom clearance and get your visa stamped. See more details on the immigration process at different entrance gate.
*To accelerate the procedure, we recommend you use our fast track services and VIP fast track services. With these services, our representative will help you out.

3. Exception and other notes
  • Special note

Visa Approval Letter allow you to enter Vietnam by air only. In case you enter Vietnam by seaport of land crossing please contact with Vietnam embassy at your location to get visa stamped before your departure. Currently there is no Vietnam embassy/consulate in Cuba. You can see more Vietnam embassy and Vietnam consulate information on our list.

  • Exception

Phu Quoc Island, classified as a Special Economic zone, remains the only destination in Vietnam where all nationalities are exempted visa up to 30 days. To be eligible for Phu Quoc visa exemption, you must have passport at least 6 month validity; round trip ticket from Phu Quoc to another country rather than Vietnam. Tourists will need visa to visit other parts of Vietnam if they do not have any other exemption.

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  • Yaxiel Almaguer
  • Yaxiel Almaguer
Hola necesito saber si ya se puede solicitar la visa por 3Mese de entrada múltiple ?
ReplySep 3, 2023
    • Jazmine Tran
    • Jazmine Tran
    Hola, gracias por tu interés. Según la información actualizada del gobierno vietnamita, podrías solicitar un visado electrónico de entrada múltiple de 3 meses.
    Sep 5, 2023
  • Yiosmany Samon turro
  • Yiosmany Samon turro
Yo, mi esposa y un amigo, tenemos intención de visitar Vietnam con fines turísticos en el mes de junio del 2022 para poder conocer esa hermosa nación y su cultura. Nuestra duda es si podemos hacer pago de los tramites de visado con nuestras tarjetas de créditos de moneda nacional.
ReplyOct 5, 2021
    • Izitour Vietnam
    • Izitour Vietnam

    Estimado señor,
    Gracias por su mensaje. Debido al Covid-19. Todavía no sabemos si nuestro país abrirá en junio de 2022 y si se cambiará o no el procedimiento de tramitación de visas. Sin embargo, si todo está bien, puede usar su tarjeta de crédito para pagar la tarifa. El sistema bancario convertirá automáticamente su dinero a USD con la tasa en el momento de la transacción.
    Espero que esto te ayudará.
    Todo lo mejor,

    Oct 6, 2021

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