Quang Tri and its region are a must for all travellers wishing to discover the remains of the Vietnam War. This area located on the 17th parallel, called DMZ, has a high historical value for the Vietnamese people. And not to spoil anything, the countryside is superb.

The famous demilitarized zone or DMZ

This tongue of land that ran along the 17th parallel stretched from the China Sea to the border with Laos over a width of 10 kilometers and was once used to delimit the border between communist North Vietnam and national South Vietnam under the Geneva Agreements signed in 1954 following the departure of the French and the failure to hold elections. This demarcation line was symbolized by the Bien Hai River. At the time of partition, the main north-south road linking Hanoi to Saigon crossed the Ben Hai River on the Hien Luong Bridge. This steel girder bridge built by the French in 1950 was painted red on the northern part and yellow on the southern part. After the great victory in the spring of 1975, Hien Luong Bridge became the bridge of reunification. Hien Luong Bridge is no longer used today and has become a historical monument, classified as a special national monument.

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