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    This mountain village located on the famous "road of happiness" is an essential stopover on your way across the spectacular karstic plateau of the same name. We come to Dong Van to attend its fabulous ethnic market on Sunday morning but also because its surroundings contain natural, cultural and historical treasures.

    The Dong Van Karst Plateau geopark, a wonder of nature

    A member of the UNESCO Global geopark network and the Asia-Pacific geopark network, the Dong Van Karst Plateau geopark offers a spectacular natural landscape of astonishing limestone mountain ranges resulting from a long geological history and testifying to the evolution of the earth's crust over nearly 600 million years.  Steep cliffs, karstic peaks dominating steep valleys, green and yellow rice fields suspended from blackened limestone blocks torn from the mountains. As well as rivers cutting a narrow passage between the rugged relief and dizzying canyons that follow one another during the crossing of this karstic plateau, which will offer you a unique travel experience!

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