Perched at 1600 meters high, on the breath-taking Hoang Lien Son mountain chain, Sapa is a really popular destination among hiking lovers who enjoy vibrant encounters. The region of Sapa is indeed the land of many ethnic minorities, such as the Black Hmong and Red Dao people, still very attached to their ancestral traditions.

Sapa’s history

Little town lost in the Tonkinese Mountains, Sapa rose during the early 20th century when the railway line opened, linking HaÏphong to Lao Caï. After the construction of a military sanatorium and a Catholic Mission, colons settled down in Sapa and built a health resort so that French people of Hanoi could enjoy a refreshing outing during great summer heats. Then, 30 years of war made Sapa fall into oblivion and it is only during the 1990s that Sapa started its touristic activities and therefore, once again, became a very popular destination in terms of outdoor activities and beautiful natural landscapes.

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