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    The mountainous area of Mu Cang Chai is home to some of Vietnam's most magnificent rice terraced landscapes. A territory of fascinating beauty, inhabited by the Thai and Hmong people, which lies at the end of the famous "photographer's road" which alone justifies a trip to the north of Vietnam.

    Gorgeous rice terraces

    With its amphitheaters of rice terraces carving out the mountains, Mu Cang Chai offers some of the most spectacular panoramas in northern Vietnam. The rice terraces, tiered on the mountain slopes, are the result of the sweat and blood of the peasants. We cannot help, when discovering these grandiose landscapes built up little by little over hundreds of years, but bow our heads with respect, thinking of the demanding labour involved in such a type of agriculture. The Hmong people who inhabit this region, have developed a complex system of canals bringing water from the wooded peaks to the terraces. They have also developed a system of integrated agriculture that combines animal husbandry (buffaloes, cattle, ducks, fish and eels) with the production of the main product: rice. This particularly sustainable land management system demonstrates an extraordinary harmony between the people and their environment, both visually and ecologically. It is based on ancient social and spiritual structures.

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