Capital of the Flower Hmong region, the mountain village of Bac Ha, perched at an altitude of more than 1000 meters, is renowned for its colorful ethnic markets and increasingly for its many hiking possibilities in beautiful natural settings, offering a beautiful alternative to Sapa.

The Ethnic Market of Bac Ha

Three hours drive from the Sapa health resort, the mountain town of Bac Ha, every Sunday, is home to one of the most extraordinary ethnic markets in northern Vietnam. The market of Bac Ha is held in the city center with a part in the open air and another part under the halls. The Bac Ha market is very well organized in 3 large areas: the food market, the livestock market and the ethnic fabric market. At dawn, many minorities from the region converge on foot to the market with their hoods to come and shop. Among them, the Flower Hmong, the most numerous ethnic group of the region, who are distinguished by the flamboyant costumes that the women proudly wear. A market saturated with colors that awakens all your senses. Sometimes pretexting the purchase of a little victuals or some tools, all the tribes of the region flock to Bac Ha. For the purpose of shopping, of course, but not only. The meeting, even furtive, with the soul mate, is also on the program.

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