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    Come and discover that fascinating city that is Ho Chi Minh, also still called Saïgon just like in its heyday. It is an exciting city where you can never be bored and there’s always something to explore, from the colonial past of the city to its incredible modernism, between cultural visits to delicious culinary experiences.
    Ho Chi Minh City’s history

    This South Vietnam metropole originally was a simple Khmer fishing village, then became Vietnamese during the 16th century. Capital of the Cochin China during French domination, Saïgon used to be called “The Extreme Orient Pearl”. In 1954, it became the capital of the Republic of Vietnam. Then, during the war, the city got beleaguered by the Americans and after that, was taken by the communists. On April 30th of 1975, the city got its name changed after the Vietnamese president, “Father of the Nation”, who relentlessly fought for Vietnam’s independence: Ho Chi Minh.

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