On foot, by bike or by boat, discover this little corner of paradise in the Mekong Delta where a simple and quiet life in the shade of the coconut palms can be enjoyed. The "tree of life" is the emblem of this province and draws some of the most bewitching landscapes of the Mekong Delta. Ben Tre is still a confidential destination that will awaken your senses and maybe even reveal a sixth one to you.

The coconut tree, emblem of the Ben Tre province

Ben Tre is known throughout Vietnam as the land of coconut trees. The coconut tree grows absolutely everywhere in this province of the Mekong delta and draws languorous landscapes of the tropics. It is especially for the local population "the tree of life" because it is an inexhaustible resource for many families who live from the cultivation and processing of the coconut tree. Nothing is thrown into the coconut tree, everything is usable and transformable. To realize this, you have to go to one of the many family factories and observe how the locals value the coconut tree from the roots to the leaves.

The large leaves of the coconut palm are used to make mats, hats or bags. The trunk will make beautiful frames or can be used in the manufacture of furniture. The fruits of the tree, the coconuts, have many uses. One can quench one's thirst with its refreshing and healthy water. The extracted milk is used to flavor the local cuisine. It can also be used in cosmetics as well as the oil extracted from the fruit. It is also used to make tasty coconut sweets, made in front of you using the grated flesh of the nut. The shell of the coconut is also processed into a bowl, cup or various kitchen utensils. The fibres can be transformed into doormats or ropes. And even the roots of the tree are used as an infusion in traditional Vietnamese medicine. This is an incredible resource for the population and 100% environmentally friendly!

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