A very beautiful destination appreciated by lovers of preserved nature and new encounters, easily accessible from Hanoi, the Vietnamese capital. Limestone reliefs, mountains covered with tropical forests, superb rice terraces, waterfalls, numerous hiking trails and the legendary hospitality of its inhabitants, the Pu Luong nature reserve has what it takes to seduce the most demanding travellers.

A hiking destination

This natural setting located to less than 4 hours drive from Hanoi is a resolutely oriented hiking destination. The Pu Luong Nature Reserve is a vast playground for hiking enthusiasts. It is able to satisfy all hiking desires, from a simple walk of a few hours to a more demanding hike of several days with nights in the homes of locals in remote villages. The Pu Luong nature reserve also offers a beautiful variety of landscapes. Situated on the Tam Diep karst mountain range, Pu Luong reveals landscapes of mountains and limestone peaks covered with thick jungle, home to an abundant fauna and flora. The nature reserve is home to 84 species of mammals, 162 species of birds, 55 species of fishes and 28 species of reptiles.
Pu Luong Nature Reserve is known and appreciated by walkers for its rice terraces. Although they are not as spectacular as Sapa, they have the advantage of offering two rice harvests per year as opposed to one in Sapa. The first harvest is at the end of May, beginning of June and the second at the end of September. These are the best times to go hiking in the Pu Luong Reserve when the rice fields are dazzling yellow and teeming with activity.
Also to be seen along the way, these big wheels called norias which allow to irrigate in a clever way the vast expanses of rice fields.

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