The province of Ha Giang, bordering China and located in the extreme northeast of Vietnam, is certainly one of the most breathtaking in the country. From the eponymous provincial capital, it is quite interesting to hike on the slopes of the Tay Con Linh massif culminating at 2419 meters and then go on an adventure on the grandiose road that crosses the Dong Van karst plateau to discover all the natural and cultural wonders of this unique region.

The crossing of the Dong Van karst plateau

The fabulous region of Ha Giang owes its fame to the breathtaking and rugged landscapes of the Dong Van karst plateau. It shares the border with China in the north and has been a member of the UNESCO Global GeoParks Network and the Asia-Pacific GeoParks Network since 2010. About 80% of the geo-park area is covered by impressive limestone formations and the average altitude is 1400 to 1600 meters above sea level.
The road from Ha Giang to Dong Van and then to Meo Vac passes through a series of spectacular landscapes. It is certainly the most exceptional road in all of Vietnam. This limestone mineral environment, shaped over geological eras and characterized by a succession of arid and bare limestone peaks giving an astonishing lunar landscape, is a marvel of nature. On the road, you will be facing an unreasonably extravagant nature. Many stops are planned during the crossing of the Dong Van karst plateau to admire all the natural and cultural wonders the road has to offer.

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