Located in north-east of Vietnam and borderer of China, Cao Bang is a remote mountain region with wild nature, uneven landscapes and limestone pitons forests which some of them might be the among of the most beautiful sceneries of Vietnam. An off beaten track destination, home of many ethnic minorities, that will delight every traveler seeking adventure into the unknown.

A high-historical-value region

The bloody battle on the colonial route 4 happened from September to October 1950 and opposed the French Expeditionary Forces to Vietminh’s ones. It was one of the greatest battles of the First Indochina War and ended in a French defeat. The colonial route 4, or RC4, was a strategic route following the Chinese border, linking Cao Bang’s garrison to Mong Cai, in the China Sea, passing through several stronghold cities such as Lang Son, That Khê and Dong Khê. Called “The Bloody Road” because of the repeated attacks Vietminh army launched on French convoys, the CR4 became the battlefield to what started as a military operation, conducted by the French Expeditionary Force, to evacuate the cities of Cao Bang and Lang Son and every army post located on the road. That operation ended up in a disaster since the Expeditionary Force got destroyed by Vietminh forces. This bloodbath counts over 5000 French soldiers killed in one night in Coc Xa. Today, if you take that Cao Bang – Lang Son road, you can understand the background of this terrible battle and might discover remnants of the Indochina War.

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