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    Still little visited, the province of Dak Lak is a popular destination for travellers who want to get off the beaten track. A sublime region that reveals to adventurous travellers grandiose landscapes, fascinating history and culture, and an exceptional terroir.

    The superb Dray Sap waterfall

    Located about thirty kilometres from Buon Me Thuot in an exceptional natural setting, the superb Dray Sap waterfall is one of the natural wonders of the region. 100 meters long and 30 meters high, the Dray Sap falls appear as an impressive curtain of water falling heavily in deafening roars and forming a wide veil of refreshing mist. An ideal place for swimming, relaxing and picnicking.

    Ethnic minority villages

    The Dak Lak region, located in the Central Highlands, is the territory of many Proto-Indochinese ethnic minorities, including the Edê, who are distinguished by their longhouses, the traditional residence of the large families of this ethnic group. The longhouse of the Edê is a stilted house built of bamboo and wood, with a green roof. The house is built in a north-south direction and responds to the divinatory art of geomancy. You will observe with your guide all the symbols contained in the house such as the staircase which is the soul of the longhouse of the Edê. The villages of these ethnic minorities always revolve around the communal house where rites, morals and customs are preserved and valued. It is here that all the village ceremonies are held, including that of the sacrifice of the buffalo to the sound of bronze gongs.

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