Finish your trip in style by staying on the wonderful island of Phu Quoc. Cultural discoveries, swimming, lazing around, diving, fishing, spa treatments and candlelit dinner on the beach will convince you that you have not made a trip like any other.

Phu Quoc and its string of heavenly beaches

Travellers like to come to Phu Quoc to laze on the island's sumptuous beaches. Each of its beaches has its own atmosphere and character but will satisfy your desire for relaxation.
- Bai Sao beach, located in the northeast of the island, is certainly the most beautiful of the island. A 7 kilometers scarf of immaculate white sand thrown between green hills and licked by crystal clear water. A real postcard!
- Bai Khem beach, located in the south of the island, captivates visitors with its pristine beauty and smooth sandy shoreline nestled on the edge of lush forests.
- Ong Lang beach, located on the west side of the island, is still well preserved. This tranquil beach offers a beautiful natural setting and beautiful sunsets.
- Long Beach, on the west side, is the largest and busiest beach on Phu Quoc. It is on this long beach that hotels, restaurants and beachfront bungalows are concentrated.
- Located on the remote north-western tip of the island, Ganh Dau Beach is a wonderful little patch of white sand bordered by palm trees and bounded on the east by high ridges densely covered with vegetation.

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