Phuong Diep NGUYEN

Phuong Diep NGUYEN
Head of HR & Finance

I was born in a typical village in the northern region of Vietnam. A place characterized by its pure air and the great diversity of its nature (palm forest, tea hill, rice field and mulberry trees). When I left high school, I wanted to become a lawyer by choosing to study law. But the hazards of life finally pushed me towards my other passion: tourism.

For me, the work at Authentik Vietnam is ideal, because I benefit from a dynamic, human and respectful environment. I have the chance to express my aspirations of sharing and discovery.

What is my favorite destination in Vietnam?
My favorite place in Vietnam is Hoi An. I discovered this place with my family at the time of the full moon (14th and 15th of the lunar month). I was enchanted by a river covered with thousands of bright lanterns that carried prayers addressed to people close to us.

A tip for your trip to our country:
Travel with an open heart with a free mind and without any fear. You should try everything during your stay, always with joy and good mood.

What is my favorite season in Vietnam?
Whatever the region of the country, each season has its charm. But for me it is the first days of spring that are the most pleasant. It is at this time that the plum and apricot trees of the Moc Chau plateau are covered with white flowers and you can see children having fun on the swing under the trees.

What souvenir to bring back from Vietnam?
Thanks to our rich culture and handicrafts, you are spoilt for choice. Among the great quantity of typical objects that you will be able to discover, I can recommend you the traditional dresses, the conical hats, the ceramics of Chu Dau, the lacquer objects of Ha Thai or a pair of chopsticks of Kim Giao (able to reveal the poison) from the national forest of Cuc Phuong.

Don't forget to pack:
Walking shoes, bathing suit, mosquito repellent.

What is my dream trip?
Phu Quoc is a dream destination thanks to its blue waters, its long sandy beaches lined with coconut trees. Whether it is the north or the south of the island everything is attractive. In particular the night market of DINH CAU, renowned among gourmets for the quality and freshness of its seafood.

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