Head of Sales Department (English Market)

Xin Chao! My name is Lien meaning lotus in Vietnamese. I have worked in the Vietnam tourism industry for more than 16 years, working in many roles from Travel Consultant, Hotel Staff, Product Manager, and Tour Operator before taking the helm as a Sales Manager at Izitour. For me, working closely with our team members will ensure our clients are provided with the necessary services, creating an inspiring journey. I am always happy knowing that, at Izitour, we have the opportunity to show the most fascinating things in our country to travellers from all over the world.

  • Jazmine TRAN
    Marketing Executive (French Market)
    Hello, I'm Jazmine TRAN. I've always believed that "travel shapes youth". So, as a travel enthusiast, I chose this job to share my knowledge and passion with you. Thank you...
  • Van Anh PHAN
    Travel Consultant (French Market)
  • Hung PHAM
    Travel Consultant (English Market)
  • Anh HOANG
    Contracting Manager
    I am Hoang Anh, a graduate of Hanoi University, specializing in interpreting - translation. I come from Nam Dinh, the homeland of...
  • Phuong Diep NGUYEN
    Head of HR & Finance
    I was born in a typical village in the northern region of Vietnam. A place characterized by its pure air and the great diversity of its nature...
  • Lim NGUYEN
    Travel Consultant (French Market)
  • Yen Son NGUYEN
    Hello, I am Nguyen Yen Son, originally from a peaceful land in the north, country of many great scholars of the country...
  • Dzung TRAN
    Accounting Manager
    Hi, My name is Tran Dung and I am from Nam Dinh province. Traveling is an integral part of my life and that is why I particularly...
  • Thuy HANG
    Digital Marketer
    Hi, I am Hang. Originally from Hung Yen province, just only 60km from the east of Hanoi, I am familiar with Vietnam countryside and...
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