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    Hue, the former royal capital of the Nguyen Lords, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one of Vietnam's most attractive destinations. The last royal capital of Vietnam has quickly become a must-see for its formidable historical heritage as well as for its divine gastronomy and all the tourist interests offered by the poetic city of Hue.

    The fascinating history of Hue

    In the past, Hue was a large and very active trading port that had regular trade with China and Japan as evidenced by the many examples of pottery from these countries found in Hue. It was not until 1802 that Emperor Gia Long chose Hue as the imperial capital of a reunified Vietnam. A choice motivated by a remarkable natural setting that subtly combined oriental philosophy and Vietnamese geomancy. The Imperial City of Hue was built throughout the 19th century but would suffer for a long time from the vicissitudes of history. It was, in turn, largely destroyed by the French in 1885 and then the Vietminh in 1947, after having lost its status as an imperial city two years earlier, and would experience more than 30 days of intense fighting between the American army and the Vietnamese People's Army during the Tet offensive. Recovering from its wounds, Hue welcomes you today with nobility to make you discover all its cultural, natural and gastronomic treasures.

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