Mu Cang Chai is a commune in northwestern Vietnam in Yen Bai Province. The town is known for charming terraces that are made 100% by the hands of locals with very simple tools. It is one of the most adorable destinations for its natural colours and poetic beauty. Mu Cang Chai is the muse of many photography not only for the landscapes but also for the cultural diversity of ethnic minorities. The idyllic life, the friendliness of the locals and the scenery impress all tourists who come to Mu Cang Chai

Geological location
Mu Cang Chai is located in Yen Bai Province, about 350km from Hanoi, bordered by Lao Cai to the north, Son La to the south, Lai Chau to the west and Van Yen to the east at the altitude of 1000m at sea level. Therefore, visitors can combine the trip to Mu Cang Chai with other tourist attractions in North Vietnam such as Mai Chau, Moc Chau, Lai Chau, Sapa, make a trip to the North-West tour of Vietnam.
The geology of Mu Cang Chai includes consecutive mountain ranges running in the northwest-southeast direction, between the mountains are ravines and streams in the basins of the Red River and Da River. 

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Mu Cang Chai
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