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    Exceptional natural site listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Halong Bay has always been the dream for travelers. Give in to the temptation of a cruise to discover the largest marine karst in the world, considered one of the seven wonders of nature. It is the showcase of what Vietnam has to offer in terms of natural landscape.

    An exceptional geology

    Covering 43 thousand hectares, Halong Bay is the largest marine karst in the world. A geological landform shaped over millions of years and today offers 1,969 limestone karst islands and submerged rocky peaks. Halong Bay is a site of high beauty, sculpted by nature over geological periods that you will never tired of contemplating.

    The Legend of Halong Bay

    There are several popular legends surrounding the creation of Halong Bay. One of them says that once upon a time, a dragon "as big as the world and as high as the sky" lived in the waters of Halong Bay. It was so big that when it spread out, "its body supported all the land of Annam, its heart was in Hue and its limbs stretched between the north and south deltas". This mythical dragon is said to have helped the Vietnamese defend themselves against the invaders. During a battle, the dragon would not have spat fire, but pearls that would have turned into islands.

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