Introduction of Mai Chau
For anyone looking for a quiet and peaceful destination to rest after busy work days, Mai Chau is like an oasis for all souls and a must-visit place to stop by. It is a region with the typical beauty of the northwest area of Vietnam with the breathtaking views, a convergence of local ethnic cultures, gracefulness of girls in traditional dress, tasty cuisine for foodies. Mai Chau is a perfect escape from the hectic life of the big cities and therefore attracts not only international tourists but also domestic tourists in the cities in the vicinity.

Geological location
Mai Chau is a commune on the mountain in Hoa Binh Province, 140km from Hanoi. This town is located at the average altitude of about 800-900m above sea level. Mai Chau commune is located in the lowest part of the country at the altitude of only 220m and is surrounded by the high mountains and therefore, the summer in Mai Chau is quite hot.
However, the air in Mai Chau is very clean and fresh due to eye-popping greenery among the mountains and rice fields. 

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Mai Chau
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