Travel is for everyone. Travel helps us open mind, learn more about the world and ourselves. We are so proud to live in Indochine, a South-east Asian region with rich culture, long history, abundant natural source of fauna and flora, very long coastal line and beautiful beaches. The tropical climate favours our countries as well.

With the goal to help people from all over the world to easily reach travel information, experience the joy of travel to Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, we build this as a part of our missions. Rather than just see the sights, the best thing is that you can put yourselves out there, leave the normal life behind and discover your new self.

As acquiring more than 10 years experience in the tourism industry, we think deeply about how people travel, why people travel and how to best serve travellers on the journey. Izitour’s blog is founded as a travel guide divided into the following separate parts. So that you can look for the most practical travel information you need from beginning to end of your trip.

While Planning trips to Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, you can drop a visit to those sections:

Plan your trip

Getting to: all the borders, airports, airfare booking platform, ways to arrive in the country and tips to travel

Best time to visit: the climate, weather in each month according to destinations and regions

Visa Requirement: the tourist visa procedure and requirements

Getting Around: how to transfer from one destinations to another, transportation

Health & Safety: hospitals and emergency contact throughout the country

Top thing to do: from the most popular to the most weird experiences to try

Trip Ideas: suggestions for unique destinations and interesting itineraries

Places to go

Best time to visit: the climate and weather in each destination

Get there & around: the transportation in the destination and how to get the surrounding area

See & do: the best things to see and do in the destination

Eat & drink: the local cuisine, restaurants and cafe

Stay & relax: hotels, spa and massage for your interest

Trip idea: suggestions for unique activities and compelling itineraries

Nuestros valores mas importantes

Viagens resultam em impacto social, econômico e ambiental. Assim, pretendemos equipar os viajantes com conhecimento sobre os destinos e aumentar a inspiração para viajar generosamente.
Todo mundo merece experimentar o mundo. Seja qual for o seu histórico, estamos aqui para capacitar sua jornada ao Vietnã, Laos e Camboja.
Todos os nossos artigos são baseados em 4 critérios: mais precisos, úteis, abrangentes e sempre atualizados. Para que você possa se preparar bem para sua viagem.
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